Monday, February 20, 2012

Announcement: iTunes AFB Podcast feed change

Eli here, from the Action Figure Blues Podcast, with a short announcement for our iTunes subscribers.

Due to the technical limitations of the feed provider we are using the for the Action Figure Blues blog (, we have had to create a new feed specifically for iTunes. If you have subscribed to the podcast outside of iTunes, then this change does not affect you, nor does it affect you if you are accessing it from a direct link, or from the Podcast tab on Please carry on enjoying the podcast!

For our iTunes subscribers, you will need to re-subsribe to the podcast from the iTunes Store. Just search for the "Action Figure Blues Podcast" again, and click on the Subsrcibe button again. Or go directly to the podcast from this link:

We apologise for this change in events, however we made a decision to fix it as soon as it became apparent, rather than wait 100 episodes down the track...

Our next episode, the "real" Episode #2 (where we talk about New York Toy Fair, Hot Toys Predator, and the discussion topic "Are you out as a collector?"), is due out in a couple of days, so get to the iTunes store as soon as possible and re-subscribe!

Thanks again for listening!

1 comment:

Adam said...

"Are you out as a collector?" - great topic. Looking forward to it. I GUESS I'm out - I have toys all over the desk and shelves of my home office, which we also use as a guest room, so there's no sweeping under the rug when it comes to my dolls...

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