Sunday, July 12, 2009

More JSA Magic from the Golden to the Modern Age

Picture 004 It’s always too long in between chances to show off my new customs from Lars, one of the true masters of the custom world. Over the last couple of years Lars has been helping me round out the ranks of both the Golden Age and Modern Age Justice Society of America, and it’s always exciting to get the latest instalments.

Technically, Stripesy is working more towards a Seven Soldiers of Victory collection than JSA, but he’s still from that Golden Agey JSA world, and looks great next to the custom Star Spangled Kid Lars did for me awhile back. This is just an amazing piece of work, so exciting and captures Pat Dugan as Stripesy perfectly.

Picture 013From one of the oldest heroes to one of the newest, we have Mr America to further fill out the Modern Age JSA collection. While he’s been one of if not the most underutilised new characters in the team, I love his look, and what Lars has done here is amazing. My photo doesn’t do the work on the white section justice – is has a light blue wash and the buttoned-down look to give it depth and strength. The detail on his cape is equally incredible.  He even comes with his own little custom whip! Amazing job Lars!

Picture 015 There’s a glimpse here of how each fits in to the GA and MA JSA displays, and you can see more pics of this at Facebook. You can also discuss this at the AFB Forum, and don’t forget you can enter the July AFB Comment of the Month Contest by commenting on this post.

Many thanks to Lars for another great effort!

Until next time!


Toy Guy said...

Lars does great work!

Your JSA look fantastic.

so when are you going to give them to me?!?!?!?

fishmilkshake said...

Awesome stuff!

bigraj said...

Not familiar with Stripesy, but they both look incredible. Very impressive work and they fit in really nice with the display.

Tom Freak said...

The base for Stripesy was Superman/Batman Cap Marvel right?

I can't identify the base for Mr America though... Who was he?

Tom Freak said...

By the way, I got Dr. Fate Today!

He arrived perfectly so, thanks again.

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