Sunday, July 26, 2009

Worth checking out…..

sdcc2009_mattel_dcuc_81While you await my next scintillating post, have a gander at Michael Crawford’s excellent photo coverage of SDCC. Some galleries are still coming, but the main companies are up and he has excellent figure by figure shots, like Beast Boy here. There’s also a glimpse of Wave 10 Joker in the background, and that Zebra Batman that is just there to taunt us at the moment. I want!

Michael’s work is at



DCcomicsfan said...

Yeah. Michael is doing a great job at the Comic con.

fishmilkshake said...

Michael totally rocks and totally sucks! On the one hand some of his shots are awesome....but that just means I want this stuff even more now!

TOY GUY said...

Fantastic photos.

Saranga said...

Umm, why has Batman got zebra stripes? Im guessing it's a custom job?

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