Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Small Spark of Light in the Darkness….

Picture 002It really is a sad day when DC Direct making a single new character in their 6” line is newsworthy, especially when that new character is a second-tier Superman villain. Obviously DCD thought it was, because when Superman / Batman Series 7 (that’s right, DCD does know how to count past two after all….) was solicited in previews the ad shouted “First Ever Live Wire figure!”, so I guess we’re supposed to think it’s a big deal. That’s not to take anything away from the figure, it’s just a comment on the sad state of affairs at the old D, C and D at the moment.

Finding myself with a shocking surplus of Men both Super and Bat of every description, I purchased only the “First Ever Live Wire Figure"!” and the “Second Ever Aquaman Noob Figure!” from this wave.

Picture 005 Live Wire is actually a fun figure. I was worried she’d be more of the stocky type build of some of the other females in this line, but she fits in well with other figures on my Superman baddies shelf. The headsculpt is a great rendition of the character, and she actually comes with some accessories – some groovy lightning fire balls that actually fit on her hands. Nice to see DCD throw in something extra in this form. Live Wire also comes with something else extra, an odd sort of chest articulation that cuts right underneath the breastal area which, when I was trying to examine it, Mrs AFB walked past, looked down, and described it as “boob articulation”. Her words, her words! Overall, a fun figure.

From the solicits, I wasn’t sure that Aquaman II/III/whoever differed greatly enough from the fugly First Appearance version to warrant a purchase, and was glad to see that he was. The FA version has always bugged me because of his odd stance and unwieldy accessories. The dude also has a fugly face however he’s made, but the FA version was ultra fugly. While I’m certainly hopeful that this current Aquaman won’t hold the title much longer, this is a much better version and will certainly replace the FA version on my Aquaman shelf.

Picture 016The fun part of the whole escapade came in trying to get Aquaman to hold his trident. At first I thought this was going to be impossible as it seemed that his thumb was sealed to the fist and with the prongs on the end of the trident it would not slip through. I then realised that the thumb could be prized away from the fist, but it actually ended up being a two-person job. Enter Mrs AFB, who inserted the trident while I held the fist open. HELPFUL HINT: If you enlist the assistance of your partner to do this, ensure they know which end of the Trident is “up” before starting, so that you don’t have to do it twice. Like we did. Yes, much laughter in the AFB household……

All in all, a small gift from DCD in the form of Live Wire, and otherwise more of the same. DCD rolls on…….

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fishmilkshake said...

Wow! The first ever Livewire figure! That's so Y'know DCD are stretching it a bit if this is how they fill out a wave. I'm all for new characters, but gosh Mattel are nailing it in comparison.

Tom Freak said...

Wow... That Aquaman looks really really... ehm... constipated.

Livewore looks good, but I'm not into this wave at all.

But hey! It's four figures I won't have to pay. Yey!

Anonymous said...

Live Wire is a cool character; this is overdue.

And honestly, I am so weary of the mold reuse in Mattel-land that I almost prefer the DC Direct figures at this point, even with all their problems.

Toy guy said...

The Aquaman legs/pants don't look as good as the 1st app version of that noob.

Livewire looks great... I actually picked her up....

bigraj said...

Thinking about getting that Livewire if she's still in the LCS when I stop by later today.

bigraj said...

. . . And I picked her up today for 9 bucks. Nice.

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