Thursday, August 06, 2009

AFI’s SDCC Interview with Georg Brewer: a few gems with a dash of foreboding..

Action Figure Insider has a two-part interview from SDCC with The Brewer and Julius Marx / Daniel Pickett about DC Direct’s offerings, which provides some insights on things to come that we didn’t see at DCD.

Part 2 is at the bottom of this post. The videos are verrry slow loading (at least here), so let me summarise a few things for you:

You’ll be happy if:

  • You like statues: DCD has a mess of them coming. Some nice insights given into the development of the DC Dynamics line in particular.
  • You’re a fan of the Adam Hughes Women of the DCU Statue Line: As well as the Harley Quinn we saw at SDCC, we now know that Poison Ivy, Supergirl and Batgirl (not sure which one) are all on the way.
  • You’re a JSA Fan: Brewer let slip that Alan Scott Green Lantern is coming to the 13” line.
  • You’d like a better DCD website: Brewer announces there is a new site coming which will include fan polls, possibly linked to the History of the DCU line, although that wasn’t totally clear.
  • You like Harley Quinn: Brewer seems to have a mad on for her.
  • You like Blammoids: Brewer says there is “alot of excitement” about them. Really.

You may end up happy if:

  • You missed out on the Green Lantern Exclusives: Based on the huge demand, Georg is considering some form of re-imagined re-release, perhaps in a boxed set. For anyone frustrated by the process of the distribution of these at SDCC, it’s worth listening as you do get some insights into the process that helps it make a bit more sense.

You may not be happy if:

  • You don’t like Blammoids: Brewer loves them and wants to keep making them.
  • You don’t like Harley Quinn: Brewer seems to have a mad on for her.
  • You want a long run for the History of the DCU line: While he’s happy with Wave Four, Brewer seems lukewarm on it overall. Hopefully sales will prove him wrong.
  • You’re hoping for a long life for the 13” line: Alan Scott may be coming, but Brewer questions what characters are left that have enough popularity to sell at this scale, and suggests the line may need to be re-imagined.

This is a pretty enjoyable interview that does give a bit more detail and perspective. It’s a friendly chat – no hard questions being asked here - but you do get some good insights into the mind behind the lines. This is something Georg should be doing much, much more of to help those of us still giving DCD a chance to feel a sense of involvement and understanding in what’s going on with our favourite characters and their likenesses.

You can discuss this at the AFB Forum – we’d love to see you there!

Thanks AFI for the interview!

Until next time!


bigraj said...

Blammoids?!? Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

fishmilkshake said...

I don't know whether to cheer or complain? yay to the Hughes WotDCU line getting a good chance and booo hiss to the idiots that run the 13" line.

Saranga said...

Revamp of the DCD website? Actually that's one of the few parts of the Dc website I like. I find it easy to use, especially when compared to the homepage, the search, or the weekly comics section.

Saranga said...

On the other hand, polls are always welcome!

Tom Freak said...

Perhaps the Blammoids faces will be the Comic Con exclusives for next year.

"Stand in line 15 hours and get Aquaman's face, the joker's nose, even Batman's mouth"

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