Monday, August 24, 2009

JLU & Infinite Heroes fun to wrap up Mattel’s SDCC Efforts

Wrapping up the review of the goodies from my Mattel SDCC Box, here’s the JLU Green Lantern 3-Pack and the DC Infinite Heroes Anti-Monitor.

I tend to be a photograph ‘em and rip ‘em open kind of guy, but the touches put in to this JLU 3-Pack are really nice. I had no idea how big the lantern-shaped card was until I saw it in person – and in fact it’s so groovy that for the moment I don’t want to open it.

Say “JLU Hal Jordan” to a die-hard JLU collector, and you’re sure to get a reaction. The exclusive "Christmas” Hal that came out many years ago created a hole in most JLU collections that’s impossible to fill. This is Mattel’s way of trying to offer an olive branch: swappable heads – which is great, because not only can we now have a (maskless) Hal in a GL uniform, we can also have either Sinestro or Abin Sur in a pilot’s uniform, with white hands. Phew! My JLU collection is pretty much complete now! Ah well, it’s an olive branch, and it looks damn good on the card….

As for Anti-Monitor, again, great fun, and a nice addition to the DCIH line. While people (including myself) have compared Infinite Heroes negatively to Marvel Universe due to the lack of articulation, I’m starting to be won over to DCIH due to the range of character selection and the investment in individual sculpts. This on e’s a very nice touch, taller than the regular figures, and is going to look great alongside the Crisis 4-Pack. Looking forward to bringing you those pics!

So, many thanks to Mattel for a great (albeit Gleek-less) SDCC!

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Until next time!


fishmilkshake said...

Andy, surely you will buy a second 3-pack to open and paint a mask on Hal?

Saranga said...

i don't think i've seen a box like that before. pretty nifty.

Tom Freak said...

@FMS but if you do that, you also would have to paint the hair loopy on his forehead. He's no GL without that...

But hey, some GL is better than no GL right?

TOY GUY said...

Open the pack and give me that packaging!!!!

Or better yet, you keep the GL packaging and give me the figures!


Westy said...

I personally just like how Anti-monitor is figure infinity.

fishmilkshake said...

Loopy hair indeed!

DCcomicsfan said...

snake eyes vs the anti-monitor

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