Sunday, August 09, 2009

SDCC Comes to AFB: Marvel Universe Invaders Boxed Set

While await the goodies I ordered from’s August 3 SDCC Exclusive-athon (for which I finally got a shipping confirmation today), I’m working through a few recent arrivals, starting with my first piece of SDCC: The Marvel Universe Invaders Boxed Set, brought to AFB courtesy of the amazing Chooch from Critical Mess, who did quite a few CM forum members a huge favour by helping us out with various exclusives, as well as waiting in long lines for He-Ros and Gleeks and coming away empty handed and Gleek-less, but that’s another story…

Taking a realistic view regarding Hasbro’s under-commitment to the 6” Marvel Legends line, I’ve jumped in to Marvel Universe (see my Marvel Universe photo album here) and am quite enjoying the line to date, despite the amount of recycling and different versions of the same characters we’ve seen so far.

I’m not quite sure how these classic versions of the Invaders will fit in with the more Modern-Aged MU, so while I am basically a photograph ‘em and open ‘em kinda guy, but for the moment these fellas are staying in their plastic prisons. The packaging on this set is pretty amazing and I’m not going to get rid of it until I can visualise them on display.

Despite the fact that we’ve had what seems like a zillion modern Human Torch variations in the line so far, this GA Torch is quite fun, with comic accurate hash marks etc. Namor also looks good, although I’d like to see him side by side with the Superhero Showdown version, which I have seen but don’t own, as I seem to recall that looking better. What that version didn’t have though, was the extra groovy accessories of a trident and a………. giant conch??? Hmm.

While I would have preferred to see Bucky as the fourth figure in this line, Red Skull looks great, and I can imagine some great fighting poses with the GA-styled Cap (who really doesn’t look that different from the already released Cap apart from some gear on his belt…) if I do decide to unpack them.

All up, a delight to own, but unless there’s a wider range of GA characters released in this line, I suspect they’ll remain in their display case for some time to come.

You can see a wider range of pics at Facebook, discuss this at the AFB Forum, and enter the August AFB Comment of the Month Contest by commenting on this post.

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Westy said...

I assure that I'm incredibly jealous now, even though I got a shipment from BBTS on Friday, and another display case from IKEA Saturday. They do look awfully pretty.

fishmilkshake said...

I'm impressed that Namor and The Skull are new sculpts so it's nice to see them making an effort. B&W Cap on the other hand....

bigraj said...

Still upset that this version of the Red Skull was never made in the Legends line.

Nice packaging on the set, though.

Tom Freak said...

That's a nice looking pack. Apparently people that make toys doesn't want you to open them.

I miss the DCD packages that could be re-sealed.

Like the colour of that torch, and Namor has the coolest accesories! (hehe... A giant conch... Lame...)

Nessex said...

I tend to agree with fishmilkshake, Namor & Red Skull are the stand-outs for this set.
I was particulrly interested in Red Skull (despite hopw short he is), 'cause we always need more villains!
I was hoping my LCS might get this set in - as they had a staff member flying over to SDCC - but alas, i haven't seen the set there yet :(

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