Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lord Darkseid, how could I forget thee?

As some of our astute commenters pointed out, I failed to say anything about the Darkseid Collect & Connect figure in my review of DC Universe Classics Wave 12. My bad!

In my defense, I'm a little discom-blog-ulated at the moment due to a technical issue. I just got a new laptop at work (yay!) and for some reason I can't reinstall Windows Live Writer (boo!). My whole way of blogging has been challenged, so I've been trying different blog editors without alot of joy. I'm using Qumana at the moment, but if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open.

Anyhoo, Darkseid. I for one wasn't super excited about Darkseid being announced as the C&C for this wave, since I was pretty happy with the DC Superheroes version and would have rather seen a new character being done. Additionally, Jack Kirby never drew Darkseid super-big, so I don't see a giant sized version as a great companion to the other New Gods done in this line. I've got nothing against the modern age, but when it comes down to it, give me the classics version please.

Still, this version is very well done, and has a place in the display. The detailing on his boots is awesome and he's very well constructed. As for the craggy lines on his face - maybe there's a little bit too much detail there. I actually like the headsculpt overall - my one complaint about the DCSH Darkseid was that his head was a bit too small - no such issue here.

I don't think I've changed my mind about preferring that a new character got a shot at the C&C treatment for Wave 12, but this figure definitely has a place in the collection and is worth the effort of tracking down individual pieces to build. While my preference is for the less-giant version, this does look great.

My apologies to Darkseid and all of his fans for the unintentional snub!

Until next time!

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Kyle said...

Yeah this Darkseid was awesome. I was unsure about his size at first (even sold mine from my set at first), but was able to track down the pieces loose.

Westy said...

I think the head is my only significant issue with this guy, and as for being to big, I mean the old Superfrinds/JLA line from back in the 80s did have him considerably larger than most other figures in the line, so I don't mind that.

Prowl26 said...

I like how Darkseid looks but I do not like the others in the wave enough to be able to get him.

fishmilkshake said...

Apparently the Four Horseman researched the size thing very carefully and despite Kirby's art changing from time to time he's apparently the most scale accurate Darkseid yet.

demoncat said...

the four horse man are fans of kirbys and all the dc universe. so they try and do each figure right. and Darkseid looks more evil that size. too bad Mattel could not include having the eyes light up to recreate the Omega beams

chopa said...

Needed some kickin light piping.
I do envision Darkseid to be a big fella so his size is nice to me. Too bad I don't really like wave 12.

clark said...

Since I have the DCSH Darkseid I won't be tracking this one down. From the pictures I've seen I actually prefer the old sculpt to this one (aside from the small head issue, which doesn't bother me too much).
I wish Mattel had done Doomsday in as a C&C instead of Darkseid, the old DCSH Doomsday is way too small and skinny.

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