Saturday, February 27, 2010

Power Girl joins the ranks of the Cover Girls of the DCU

It says something about the quality of a line when each successive release becomes your new favourite. That's the case for me when it comes to DC Direct's Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statue Series, with new release Power Girl in stores this week.

Power Girl is a bit infamous in my household. While Mrs AFB still gets her Aquaman confused with her Greens both Arrow and Lantern, much to my distress, she can spot a Power Girl from a mile away, or "those boobs!", as she usually exclaims. Therefore, any Power Girl-related purchase must be carefully considered, and possibilities for strategic placement of said item scoped out before display. Once I saw the consistent quality of this line, however, this purchase was a no-brainer - I dare say it's not usually the brain that influences Power Girl merchandise purchases!!

While some of DCD's busts differ greatly from the sketches that they're based on, this statue captures the Adam Hughes art that inspired it beautifully. The sculpt of the face is a little different from the cover, but it still works very effectively. The sculpt of this statue is excellent and the paintwork is spotless. The cape is a selling point in itself. It flows beautifully a quite an angle without impacting on the balance of the statue at all. Beautifully done, and a wonderful touch to compliment a great piece.

I'm still on the fence about the upcoming Harley Quinn statue, but as the line has been so strong and the Poison Ivy statue looks so brilliant, I'll probably want to keep a complete run! There are certainly worse things to collect!

You can see more pics at Facebook, discuss this at the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the AFB February Comment of the Month Contest.

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Saranga said...

looking nice. the cape works well, they do seem to have captured the art pretty accurately and the costume is certainly faithful to the comic. So as a stsue representation of Karen it's good.
Minnd you, I'd still prefer the boob window to be a little smaller, even in the comics, on the basis that boobs don't work that way.

Kyle said...

I can't wait to get this statue. This has been a great line so far.

Rod Keith said...

Same issues with the character in my household.

So my question is, what did Mrs. Andy think of this statue?

Westy said...

Boobs may not work that way, but super boobs are another thing all together. I wasn't sure just how to describe this, but thankfully the AFL was on, and Bruce McAvaney summed it up perfectly for me: "delicious". I'm still not sure how he knew what I was thinking, but the man is an OAM, so clearly special abilities got him that honorific.

chopa said...

Those boobs!

She looks good, and would be the one I would pick up right now (give me some Laira or Natu and I would be ecstatic).

Prowl26 said...

This is definitely a great looking "bust" lol. While they aren't my thing I can definitely see the appeal of a statue of Power Girl.

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