Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Trip on the River Digital..... My Battle for Battle Cat

3:55am (AEST) Phone alarm goes off. Wake (somewhat), put on glasses, open laptop and then lie back down while it finds the wireless network.

3:56am Dog decides it is morning, scampers about excitedly for her breakfast and walk. Ignore dog.

3:57am Internet is connected. Open Chrome, go to the Mattycollector page, and get the white screen of death. Lie down to let the 3 second refresh mechanism do its thing.

4:01am Remember that the 3 second refresh doesn’t work in Chrome. Sit up, close Chrome. Open IE. Curse Mattel for making me use IE.

4:02am Get the white screen of death in IE. Lie down and wait.

4:04am Remember that I will need my code for my Battle Cat discount.

4:04am Debate $8 vs. having to get up again.

4:06am Remind self of how much I spend on toys. Open Gmail and get my discount code.

4:08am Decide that Matty is looking far too bloody cheerful for 4 in the bloody morning.

4:10am Dog hasn’t got message. Show dog the time. Dog licks clock.

4:16am Matty Store loads. Sit up. Click on “Buy Now” for Battle Cat. Get the white screen of death again. Lie down.

4:21am Battle Cat page loads. Put two in cart. Actually get to the order page. Enter discount code. Get the white screen of death.

4:22am Try to keep sitting up for fear I’ll fall asleep. Check forums and Facebook to see how others are going.

4:23am Grow weary of listening to people who didn’t have to get up in the middle of the bloody night complain. Lie down again.

4:29am Wife wakes, looks at clock and tells me I'm crazy. I can't disagree. Wife goes back to sleep.

4:34am Begin to lose resolve, contemplate selling my soul to eBay for Battle Cat.

4:35am Decide I hate scalpers more than not sleeping. Stay sitting up.

4:39am Assaulted by dog, who is still awake. Throw pillow at dog. Miss.

4:42am Order page loads again. Place order, log in, and payment is confirmed. Shed a small tear of frustration and relief.

4:43am Close laptop and go back to bed. Dog is dismayed. Ignore dog.

4:45am Hand licked by dog. Pull sheet over my head and go to sleep.

6:00am Alarm goes off. Apologise to dog that morning walk is not going to happen. Hit snooze. 5 times.

6:45am Get up and get in shower. Consider drowning self to avoid having to go to work.

6:46am Wonder which is more insane, Mattel’s ordering system or the collector that got up in the middle of the night to battle with it. Decide that I win.

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chopa said...

It was like 5 minutes of wait to process my order, that not including the 10 it took to get that far. Wish I had added more to the cart oddly enough. Though that might have ruined my ability to actually buy Battlecat.

AJ said...

But you got your Battle Cat!

I was up at 2:45am (Queensland time). Computer was up and running at 2:50am and I was immediately met with the white screen of death. I agree, Matty is far too cheerful looking and a "white" screen instead of "red" does nothing to calm me.

By 3:01am, I had managed to log into my account and I had Trap-Jaw in my "cart". Then 16 minutes of staring at the white screen of death. At 3:17am, I was able to enter by credit card security code and once again I was met by the white screen of death. At 3:19am, I was informed that Trap-Jaw was "sold out".

I kept trying for another 10-15 minutes since Trap-Jaw was still in my "cart", then I checked the forums and confirmed that Trap-Jaw was in fact sold out.

Not happy Matty!

Saranga said...

man you are dedicated!

Westy said...

Hrrrmmm. Good blog. Everybody laughs.

Tom Freak said...

Superb post. I laughed at your pain... But in a good way. Congrats on the cat, mate!

Kyle said...

I'm glad I got out of collecting these. I would have been pissed to not get Trapjaw.

bigraj said...

Yep, you had a more frustrating time than I did. Thankfully, we were able to get what we wanted to order. Take that dog for a walk!

fishmilkshake said...

I almost misread "Dog licks clock"

demoncat said...

hearing all the horror stories and how now Mattel has to go and redo another batch of trap jaw and battle cat. makes me happy i did not start buying the line again. that and knowing that this method means the horseman do not get to work their magic on castle grey skull or snake mountain till the line hits retail stores like it should have been from the start

The Rebel said...

Superb humorous post! Heheh...

I too suffered from missing out on TJ all because the system cldn't allow purchase of multiple items.....and the MAA glitch forced me to take him out of my cart. By the time MAA's out of my cart, I was informed that TJ was sold out...WTH?! Good thing is MAA was made available again after with lightning speed I placed him back into my cart and immediately checked him out together with Battle Cat....

Took me a good 20 min or so to get the confirmation ...but in the end was pretty thankful I got BC...but pretty pissed off as well for missing out on TJ!

I'm in Malaysia was 1 am over here (local time) when the madness commenced!

Prowl26 said...

sucks you had trouble man, from what all the fan sites say, the ordering system for MOTU is pretty mucked up all around.

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