Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AFB Presents Starman's Toys I Grew Up With: WEB DIVER!

AFB was sick and busy last month, and in the madness I didn't get around to posting some of our regular monthly features, including another edition of Starman's fantastic Toys I Grew Up With.

Stars is back this month and has done his magic again with an exploration of another Toy Line I'd never heard of: Web Diver

Over to Stars to give us the rundown:

Takara took a brief break from the Transformers brand around 2000, coming out with the video-game based transforming Web Diver series. This was followed by another game-related line that did pretty poorly called Dai Gander, so they went back to Transformers.  

The gimmick is that the main figure, Gradion, is a console video game that can hook up to your TV.  Now in reality, he was a train that transformed into a robot. In robot mode he could hook up to your TV and there was a game built into the toy that would then activate. Most of the smaller figures can interact with Gradion as weapons that attach to Gradion's robot mode.  Whichever weapon was hooked up to Gradion would then appear in the game.  The game kinda sucks and I can't read Japanese, so the instructions are usless.

There were LARGE figures, mid-sized and what we would call deluxe-sized figures in this line. There were also small PVC's, rotocast figures, a playset, a kid-sized transforming sword and a mid-sized non-transforming figure with limited transformation add-on weapons.

I should note that almost all the figures (besides Gradion) had a weapon mode, a vehicle mode and a robot mode. One even had a Headmaster!!! Oh and almost all of them (except the PVC's and the rotocast figures) had light-ups

I will name the figures in the photos and give a brief description.

Here we have: Jagua-on, Shark-on and Griffi-on. Each of these had 3 modes. I do not show the weapon modes here, but you can see them on the lower corner of the boxes.

Here are their respective vehicles.

And here are their robot modes. 6-inches tall.

Here are Phoenic-on and Cerberion.

Standard modes: Please note that Cerberion and Orthrion are Quad-changers in that they each have: a beast mode, a vehicle mode a merged mode and a weapon mode. :o

Here are the vehicle modes for Cerberion and Orthrion.

And here are the robot modes. Note that Cerberion and Orthrion combine to form Golem-on. There are actually 2 different heads for Golem-on but I was too lazy to take another picture! Golem-on is 7 inches tall at the head.

Robot mode: BAD-ASS!!!   A pirate ship!!!   From a dragon?!?!?   COOL!!!

Here is Drag-on. He carries Gradion in vehicle mode. He does not offer any weapons in the game. He has a vehicle mode, robot mode and 2 weapon platform modes. He has a 31.5 inch wingspan. 2 and a half feet of wings!!!. He takes up ALOT of space!!!

Next up is another big guy...Daedalion.

He also does not produce a weapon in game mode. Anyway, this guy is a real treat! He has a MASSIVE robot mode and a cool vehicle mode. He also has a Headmaster!!! He mainly interacts with the next 2 figures I will be showing, as he can cobime with either of them to create new heads, new arms or landing gear for his vehicle mode!!! Oh, and his engine block transforms into a HUGE battle axe!!! :o He is 11 inches tall at his head. A bit more when you include the wings on his back.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Toys I Grew Up With. Maybe you found a new line to search out, and if not I hope you at least learned something. You can see even more detail on Web Diver here at the AFB Forum. You can also click here for a link to more in-depth reviews of the line. 

Also, I’m missing 2 Web Diver toys: Wyverion and the battle station. Sorry I couldn’t  give you a COMPLETE listing but I do try!



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Until next time!


Action Ranger Timmy said...

Shark hovercraft is awesome.

flywheels said...

Wyverion is so awesome. I remember getting him for Christmas. I had no idea he was so freakin' hard to find when I sold him. )^8

You're also missing the 2 other "headmasters" for Daedalion...the lion and pegasus. Both toys are equally awesome.

Did you ever pick up any of the Daigunder toys? I have had several and most of them are just a tad better IMO than most of the Web Diver 'bots.

Stars said...

Actually I do have the pegasus and lion headmasters. You have to follow the link to see the whole article and pics. They are pretty sweet too!

I have one Daigunder, the reaper/pteradon guy. He is neat, but one og his legs snapped at the knee when I transformed him.:(

Stars said...

Oh yeah, I have the truck, and all of the smaller non transforming toys on the main article as well.

So FOLLOW THE LINK to see more Web Diver goodness!!!!

Unknown said...

I ran across these years ago in Detroit of all places at this out of the way comic book shop. Thought they were cool and i regret now i never bought any.

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