Sunday, November 20, 2011

Critical Mess tells Mattel Who's Who in the Legion!

Just thought I'd let AFB readers know that I'm moonlighting over at Critical Mess at the moment, helping to write up a follow up series to the "Dear Mattel, The Legion Should Be...." set of articles I worked on with fellow Legion enthusiasts JQ and KCekada some time ago.

In light of the success of Mattel's Legion of Superheroes 12-Pack, we've joined up again, this time with the addition of newer CM member Hyperion, to give our views on the choices and styles for the remaining Legion members - which we are now more hopeful than ever to finally see in plastic form!

The article is here (currently we're up to my favourite Legionnaire, Phantom Girl) and you can check back every few days for a new update!




fishmilkshake said...

You go Andy!!

Adam said...

Nice to see some legion ladies getting recommendations. that 12-pack was a hell of a boys club.

Polarboy said...

defiantly need the girls, and the subs of course

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