Wednesday, December 07, 2011

AFB's Black Friday Winners!

Back in November, AFB turned the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday thing on its head by offering three lucky folks the chance to win instead of just save!

All you had to do to be in the running was register an account at the AFB Forum and make at least one post before the end of the month. Today I've taken the handy dandy AFB Randomizer to our list of new members and selected these winners:

DCUC Wave 18 Bronze Tiger - "bman25"

MOTUC Captain Glenn & Cringer - "23stitches"

Marvel Universe Classic Avengers Boxed Set - "ethansuplee"

Winners, please PM your shipping addresses to "Andy" at the AFB Forum - and congratulations!!


fishmilkshake said...

Well done people! And well done to Andy for offering such great loot!

Anonymous said...

hey congratulations guys - excellent prizes. gotta be happy with that.

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