Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Black Canary 1:6 Scale: Score!

Well, the first item on my Christmas list has already been decided! The fourth female in DCD's 1:6 scale and personally most awaited female character: Black Canary!

Although I'm sure its inclusion will please some collectors, I'm not sure why they chose to put the mask on her for the main solicit shot. Good to see it comes off and she looks great underneath it. Better yet, this figure comes with an interchangeable head so that we can have her in scream mode if desired!

I'm also very happy with the decision to go with sculpted hair vs. rooted. And to imagine I was actually considering buying Barbie as Black Canary if this hadn't come along!!!!
Disappointments: personally I'd prefer a BA version with a blue costume. The hand / wrist joins look a bit clunky - it makes her look like she's wearing a flesh coloured skivvy. The angle that he knee joint is sticking out yet makes me wonder if posing is going to be a problem with the fishnet stockings. At least her costume will cover up any of those horrible mid-limb cuts they insist on including with these.
This solicit couldn't come at a better time for me, as I was just beginning to wonder if the 13" range was running out of steam with only villains on the immediate horizons. I haven't been collecting the bad guys because I do have a mortgage, and because I've been disappointed with the MA versions of classics like Bizarro and Joker (those teeth!) that have been solicited.

For the true Black Canary fanatic such as myself, December will be a bumper month from DCD as we'll be getting her in the JLI as well as in the magnificent 13" range.
The shopping list has begun!!!!!

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