Friday, April 11, 2008

Latest and Greatest Customs

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to miss March completely! The start of the year is always crazy for me - hopefully things will settle down now. Anyway, the purchases and posts are backing up so I'll get straight to business:

My Legion and JSA Collections have marched further forward with the latest efforts from my favourite customisers.

On the Legion front, Jackknight92 has finished off the Silver Age Legion proper with Shadow Lass and Nemesis Kid, and helped me start on the Subs with Polar Boy and Night Girl. Here they are, along with a fairly pathetic attempt at a group shot. Once I get some stands that allow me to put some levels in, I should be able to do better.

I am so thankful to Jack for all the care he has put in to creating these for me.
Moving from the Modern Age JSA Customs that the amazing Lars has been doing for me, I thought I should really try to get the original JSA sorted out, so I commissioned these two amazing guys: Mr Terrific and the Star Spangled Kid. Here they are, along with the Hawkman from the latest Reactivated Wave.

I hope you agree they are pretty amazing!


Rod K. said...

Your shelves are looking great!

I knew that Star-Spangled Kid would look awesome when Lars posted his original pic. And the cowled Hawkman really helps too.

Are you planning on going farther with the Legion, or just the Silver Age line-up?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely magnificent legion collection
I am jealous
Being a legion fan from back in the 60s Adventure Comics days I have always wanted a collection of figurines like Superboy had.
I have all the DC Direct figures and quite a few JLU sized legion customs from ebay auctions.
Is it possible to contact Jacknight92 and commission a similar collection for myself?

another Aussie legion tragic

googum said...

That Star-Spangled Kid looks sharp. I have a soft-spot for the character, despite having read like maybe three comics featuring him.

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