Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oops! Supergirl does a Britney

Elsewhere at NYCC, an array of the DCU's finest put in dutiful appearances for the premiere of the INFINITE HEROES line. Players like Flash's great friends the Weather Wizard and Professor Zoom were particularly excited to make their long-awaited debuts in plastic.

Their shining moment was dramatically upstaged, however, when Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, took her place at the back of the podium. A stunned hush filled the auditorium as heroes, villains and the paparazzi alike quickly realized two things: firstly, Supergirl was wearing no underpants, and secondly, she is clearly a fan of the Hollywood wax. (Look it up boys, this is a family blog)

The clearly disoriented Zor-el was quickly ushered out of the press conference, but not before her cousin's regular foe Bizarro could shout: "Bizarro hate Naked Girl! Bizarro never want to look at Naked Girl again!", creating an even bigger stir.

At press time no-one from Zor-el's camp would comment. It was understood that she was being seen to by her cousin Superman, close friend Wonder Girl and Dr Phil McGaw.

Custodial arrangements for Comet the Super Horse and Streaky the Super Cat were unclear at this stage.

1 comment:

Rob'em Steve-Dave said...

Hilarious. Maybe if her skirt wasn't so short... But you best believe I'll buy her when those figures come out.

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