Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mattel...... you got some 'splaining to do......!

Dont'cha hate it when stuff like this happens? I mean, how embarrassing for Mattel that they've taken a bunch of parts which are CLEARLY leftover bits of a Teen Titans Go! Cyborg and shown it at NYCC as a Metallo BAF for the DCUC line! (Many thanks to Action Figure Insider for the pic of Mattel's big boo-boo.)

I bet Bandai is pissed about this!!

Hopefully they'll rectify the mistake soon and show us the real Metallo. Oh, and the Classic Black Lightning and Riddler variants, which are coming, aren't they??

I mean, these are the guys that "get us", isn't that what everyone's saying? These are the guys that understand collectors.

... and so they give us Batman Beyond?

(leaves space for effect - yes, we are getting fricking Batman Beyond, not to mention Black-suited Superman and - oh yay - The Eradicator.......)

Yep, they "get us" so much that "Classic" seems to mean classic characters in crappy Modern Age costumes. It means that we get two regular (one of which is a mort Batman villain) and one variant female character (in a costume she wore, what, for one issue?) in five waves.

Yes, Mattel "gets us" so much that in five waves they couldn't throw in one character that DCD has never done.

Instead, we get Batman Beyond.

Come on Mattel - give Bandai back its Cyborg bits and make a REAL Metallo that looks like something we don't have to Google to recognise. Make the Modern Age stuff the variant when it's crap like Black Lightning's new outfit, and don't tell us what's "possible", just do it.

Looking forward to this being cleared up promptly!


Anonymous said...

"Classics" is just a name, kind of like "Legends." Are X-23 and Xorn "legends"? Nope.

The entire Wal-Mart exclusive wave was made on a budget as dictated by Wal-Mart. All they had a budget for was new heads and some small accessories.

You're really in the minority, man.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Metallo. I mean, yeah, it may not be a classic look of any kind, but it's recognizable, and it's a cool look. My only beef with it was that at first look I thought it was going to be about 9-inches tall and I think I read recently that it'll only be about 7.
You're right about Batman Beyond. To me, that's their first slip, but it does reach out to fans who just got on board the DC train in the early '00s. It may not fit well with the rest of the line, but technically, it's a figure from the past who has actually achieved iconic status in the DCU, at least for one short period of time.

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