Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Infinite Fun

Since it seems doubtful that the Infinite Heroes line will ever reach Australian retail stores, I'm stuck eBaying them since I decided I was addicted. Thankfully I've been able to find them as Buy It Now items at reasonable prices with cheap shipping - they are small after all, not that that would stop your less scrupulous eBay seller from ripping off a poor international buyer on postage prices....

My latest additions are Shazam! (golly I wish we could call him Captain Marvel again...), Guy Gardner, Adam Strange and Professor Zoom. I have a separate package with Atom (why Ryan Choi??) and Black Hand coming soon. These are my first single figures and I really love the whole hand packaging - very fun and innovative.

Photos I have seen of these just don't do them justice, and mine probably don't either. The detail on these are just fantastic. The faces may not photograph well but they really are very good. Shazam / CM and Guy in particular are excellent. The paint apps are spotless and the detail on things like Guy's vest and Shazam / CM's cape are very impressive.

Impressive also is the fact that we've already seen two never before made characters, Weather Wizard and Zoom, made in this line. I only hope that the interesting character selection doesn't dampen sales for lack of a "name", because I intend to collect these little buggers for as long as they're made.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

They do look great and bring back memories of Super Powers but I have two issues.
1) It could get very expensive picking up another line, so I must try my best to resist, even though the advertised ease of assembling an army with this line is very appealing.
2) If what Mattel says is correct, this line is going to increase articulation in the future, and I worry that the initial figures will look poor once the advanced versions come out.
I'm in a basic wait-and-see mode with these.

Anonymous said...

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