Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not such a Joke after all.......

I was pretty disappointed when the DCD 1:6 Scale Joker was solicited, as the headsculpt didn't work for me at all. The eyes, and those teeth! I know my feeling were mirrored by many according to the opinions I heard "across the boards".

If you are in the same boat, I do recommend that you have a close look at the actual product, as I felt completely differently about this figure when I saw him in person.

After a run of dreary, unimaginative boxes for this line, this is a happy improvement. A pattern of playing card icons and shades of light green make it fun to look at. Interestingly Joker and Harley Quinn are pictured together on the inside.

As for the head - I have heard mixed reviews and I think this is a case of "love it or hate it". Personally I love what's been done with it. Joker's eyes are looking off to the side in a sneaky, cheeky sort of fashion which makes the figure work for me. The teeth don't bother me in person, however in my own photos his face photographs more harshly. Again, he needs to be seen in person for you to make up your own mind.

I'm not sure if this is the younger teen body that's been used or another sculpt, but he is slightly shorter and less bulky in the chest than Batman. The suit didn't seem to be super removable, but from what I could see he seems to have the same flesh tone throughout for anyone that wanted to, for instance, recreate his Hawaiian outfit. Don't quote me on that, I'm not big on undressing my dollies. Not these days anyway.

While the suit on the 1"6 Two-Face was a bit of a disappointment. the outfit on this figure is really quite exquisite. He has what must be a hand sewn vest underneath his lined jacket. The green shirt underneath has faux buttons and he has a small rope bowtie and a flower on his lapel as finishing touches. The coattails of his jacket have a small wire in them to keep them stiff and in place. It is probably the most detailed of the 13" outfits so far. My only complaint about the outfit is that his trousers are perhaps a little long and so bunch up slightly around his legs. The level of detail almost justifies the hefty price point. Almost.

Accessories are slim. He comes with a great scale version of his cane which has lots of potential, but this winner is poorly backed up by what looks like it's meant to be a squirting fish and some flimsy cards.

One disappointment for me is the lack of extra sets of hands as we have come accustomed to with the figures in this scale. It limits posing and accessory holding opportunities. I suppose it is possible that this is where the savings were made for the exquisite sewing of Joker's costume, so I won't complain too much.

As for Joker's mate Harley Quinn, I saw her in the store and left her there. I think I'll own her eventually but I have a feeling she's going to be a 1:6 scale shelfwarmer so I'll look for her on sale eventually. Altho Australian Father's Day is coming up, and I get to buy all my own presents.......

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Anonymous said...

I don't get why so many people are concerned with the Joker having nice teeth or less exposed gums. He's the damn Joker!

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