Monday, August 11, 2008

Previews Picks - August

I thought I'd better get this month's Preview Picks post up while it's still August! I'll blame the distractions and excitement of SDCC for slowing me down. Yeah, that'll do.

Now, good grief, where to begin with the toys and crap in this month's Previews?? There's alot of both, that's for sure. I can't possibly cover it all so I've tried to just get the real highlights and the lowest of the lowlights for you this time around.

The "I Want" Award goes to the Marvel Select Captain Marvel. I'm always in two minds about this line because of the low output which makes it hard to develop the "universe building" feel, but some of the figures are just so damn good. Even though the Good Captain has got some weird stuff happening with his hip cut, he's still the top of my August orders. Even if he is just a big 'ol Skrull.

The "August Cheesecake" Award goes to the DC Direct Mary Marvel Women of the DC Universe Mini-Bust. (phew!). You know, I'm really happy that the Marvel family is getting some lurve, but this Marilyn Monroe pin-up style sculpt is a bit of disappointment for a character that's unlikely to get a go in this medium again. Really hate the face with the closed eyes that really remind me of the New Frontier Wonder Woman blow-up doll toy. Pass with a yawn.

The "Best Continuation of a Line" Award goes to the DST Star Trek Worf & Gowron Two-Pack. I love the way that DST is doing different things like the two-packs which this line to give us as many characters as possible. We get a different version of Worf here plus a small but important player in the Star Trek world. I like this so much it almost makes me not want to harp on about the fact that we still don't have a Tasha Yar (but we still don't have a Tasha Yar....)

The "Best Stalling and / or Death of a Line" Award goes to the DC Direct 13" Sandman Deluxe Figure. Gawd. I mean, even if I was one of the 17 people who is going to be really excited about the fact that DCD is making a 1:6 Scale figure of this dude, I'd be pretty bummed by this version. He looks like the kind of thing I could have put together in a really boring semester of Eighth Grade. Yipes. Why DCD is stalling what could be a fantastic line with diversions like this makes so sense, but then DCD / no sense... it's almost the same thing, ain't it?

The "Quickest Way to Put Your Kids In Therapy" Award goes to the DST Darth Maul 1/4 Scale Figure. Whoa baby. This is one of those toys that is specifically designed to make us regular little dolly collectors feel self-satisfied that we're really not as whacked out as those crazy toy guys out there. Big doesn't really begin to describe this fella. He talks, he makes noises, he can practically do your laundry, and at that scale he has extra super ugliness powers. Not for the little ones. Or, like, normal people.

The "I Wish" Award goes to the DC Direct Watchmen Movie Owlship Scale Replica. Boy, I can't wait for this movie, and I can tell that my resolve to not buy all the stuff DCD is going to churn out for this is going to be whittled away by the time this flick finally premieres. This would be a great prize for any Watchmen fan's collection, and as soon as I rob a couple of 7-11s I am for sure going to order mine. Sigh.

Finally, the "What the Freakin' Heck?!? Award" goes to the Barbie "The Birds" Doll. I just need to say it again: What the Freakin' Heck?!? I really have to wonder who in the world is going to want this thing. What a cruelty that we can now buy Tippi Hendren being attacked by blackbirds (or whatever) in plastic, but we're still waiting for a Reverse Flash in the 6" scale. Oy vey.

And that's the run down for this month. Whether you want to freak yourself out, your kids out or finally prove to your friends that you really are a fruitcake, there's something for everyone this month, so get busy boys, the ordering deadline looms!


Anonymous said...

As sure as hell don't get the idea behind "The Birds" barbie. Are they going make Ken dressed up like Norman Bates' Mother?

And I'd definitely have to agree about the Mary Marvel bust looking like a pin up beauty. One of DCs most wholesome characters and they make her out to be a hussie.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Barbie collector when it comes to the pop art dolls, so this Birds version is an excellent addition! I hope Mrs. Danvers is next!!!

DCD continues to dig its own grave. It won't make it to 2010. If we are not getting these lame options, then it is never-ending Superman figures. I am convinced that Brewer is accepting money under the table from Marvel to destroy the DC product.

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