Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I Want for Christmas…..

It wouldn’t be Christmas without wishlists, so I thought that just in case Santa is reading I’d put my top five toy-related wants out there. I’m going to stay away from pipe dreams like Legion figures (*sob*) and Hasbro getting Marvel Legends back into form or Georg Brewer and Dan Didio being hit by the same bus or asteroid or resigning and running away together , and stick to things that should be more attainable:

7543_a_full#5: DC Direct Power Girl and Huntress Statue

I had hoped this might be under my tree last year, but the budget (and the exchange rate) weren’t in my favour. Still have hopes that this one might actually end up in my collection some day. Two of my favourite DC ladies in one hit? It’s the stuff of (bad, bad…) dreams.

#4: DC Direct Tim Bruckner Aquaman / Green Arrow Statues

3540_a_fullI love both of these characters, and I can’t separate these two amazing statues (Green Arrow pictured) from Tim Bruckner and DC Direct.   They run about $200 US which at the moment is about $350 AUD, and since Mrs AFB is totally against selling one of the kids for toys (I know!), it looks like these are just wishes at the moment – but they’re pretty awesome wishes…..

234320198_462cc40ffc#3: Legion Flight Ring

As much as I love Aquaman, I love the Legion. Maybe more, actually (but don’t tell Arthur). I wasn’t in to the collecting  game when the Legion Flight Ring came out, or I can assure you one would be adorning my right middle finger. I should say I was a might disappointed when I read the disclaimer on the box thingy that the ring does not enable the wearer to fly, but….. it’s still a Flight Ring. When the exchange rate gets itself sorted out (again, the whole no selling kids rule, blah blah blah….) I’m seriously going to have to eBay this baby.

mego8inch#2: Mego Aquaman

Did I mention I love Aquaman? I’ve always considered the Mego Aquaman to be the Holy Grail for my Aquaman collection, but never had the bucks to pick one up, plus it seems there’s alot of phony or partly phony ones out there. Some day.

#1: Proper Mattel distribution to Australia

Mattel_logoThis is by far the biggest ask, but it’s also my biggest wish: that Mattel’s DC products find distribution to Oz so that I can get my sticky fingers on DC Universe Classics, Infinite Heroes and JLU without having to eBay and deal with international shipping scammers and exorbitant exchange rates. Mattel is where it’s happening for DC figures at the moment, and I want my part in it in an easier way that I can at the moment!

Well Santa, there’s my wishes. “Course, if any of my loyal readers want to make any of these dreams come true, I could hardly knock back your generosity, My mother raised me with manners, after all……

Until next time!


Len said...

Hey Scott,
I don't have anything on your Christmas wishlist (except a boxed Mego Aquaman), but any interest in a DC Direct Timber Wolf or Ultra Boy?

Happy Holidays!

Scott said...

I've got the DCD Legion figs thanks - eagerly anticipating the LSH showing up in DCUC tho!

Shaun said...

Mattel's distribution is rubbish in my country, it seems that the good stuff is sent to other countries in the region and the left overs trickle down here. Hope the situation improves for you in 09.

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