Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Mini-est of Mini-busts!

Picture 002While waiting for some new things to arrive, I’m going to throw in some of my less recent acquisitions, mainly my Bowen Mini-Busts that I never seem to get around to showing when they arrive. I really wished I’d jumped in on this line earlier as there are so many that I don’t own which are really out of reach now.

Picture 003Today’s little (and I do mean little) addition in the Modern Age (and sadly recently departed) Wasp Mini-Bust. Or should I day Mini-Mini…..

She’s small but she’s quite a nice piece. There’s a bit of self-assembly required here as the wings come separately. Typical me, I had a hard time working out how to insert them, and in fact I nearly broke one trying to jam it on before I figured it out. Instructions wouldn’t kill anyone, guys – the ones with pictures work best for me.

Here she is with some other pieces for you to get an idea of scale. She’s a fine piece, but I am glad I got her for a good price because of her size. I didn’t buy her when she first came out, but when she passed on in STUPID INVASION I thought she belonged in the collection.

Picture 006By the way, did you see Janet in the last issue of INCREDIBLE HERCULES? She had a very funny cameo – hopefully a sign that we won’t have to wait to long for her inevitable return.

You can view pictures of more Bowen Marvel Busts at Facebook, discuss this in the Marvel Statues thread at the AFB Forum, and enter the June AFB Comment of the Month Contest by commenting on this post.

Until next time!


fishmilkshake said...

How would they decide which costume to put her in? She's had hundreds! Bowen is doing great things and bringing out some nice pieces. Be a shame when he moves on. I'm gonna hold my breath in protest until i get a Shang Chi piece!!!

Toy Guy said...

Kepp holding that breath FMS.


Your collection of Marvel busts and statues seems to be eclectic, but knowing they all were in the avengers at some point validates them all together. Would be nice to see them displayed a bit better ... Poor things being jumbled together liek that. for shame!

Westy said...

I'm not sold on Janet's hair though. I'm sure that the action figure from the same modern day period didn't lift the hairstyle from George Harisson circa 1964 (it was more Paul Mcartney circa 1965).

bigraj said...

That was pretty funny to see all the "dead" characters having fun in Incredible Herc. Another nice bust. Pretty sweet collection you've got.

Saranga said...

Oh she is so cute! If I read Marvel I'd def buy her. I think it's the wings.

toy guy said...

She does look good for a dead chick!

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