Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We lost Minimates for these???

12576_a_fullHaving missed the boat on getting anywhere near a full collection of the ongoing and successful Marvel Minimates series, I was extremely excited when DC Direct came out with their own version, and like many other people extremely disappointed when in its own inimitable fashion DCD pulled the plug on the line without getting anywhere near completing the DCU.

But hey, you know, that’s how the cookie crumbles, right? You win some, you lose some you move on. And I did, until DCD announced this monstrosity….

10998_a_fullWhat the freaking frack is a Blammoid?? What have they done to my Aquaman? Where the freaking frack is his FACE??

Yes, ladies and germs, this is the future of DCD mini-figures. Bizarro toys that look like absolute, total, utter crap. Blammoids was obviously chosen as a name because it’s reminiscent of the sound your puke is going to make when it hits the toilet after seeing these things. That’s all I can think of, folks.

But hey, we don’t just have Haemorrhoids – I mean Blammoids – to look forward to – we have Cosbabys and Uniformz coming up as well. Fabulous! More series of smaller figures that we will only get a handful of before DCD tells us there wasn’t enough “support to continue the line”. Uniformz are obviously trying to capture some of the Mighty Muggs market, and Cosbabys…… well I have no idea on that one guys.

11009_a_fullNow, while it may cause me physical harm, your intrepid reviewer is going to be picking up some of each of the first  series of these just to give you an idea of what they’re like, but I can guarantee you that while some of the Uniformz may catch my eye (hurry up with the Aquaman please!) I will not be collecting Cosbabys or Pukeoids on a regular basis because A) They look like utter crap and B) does DCD honestly think people are going to continue to get sucked in to lines that we know damn well they won’t stick with? What a sucky kick in to the face to all the poor mugs like me with “complete” DC Minimates collections. Piffle to you, DCD. 

If you’d like to rip DCD a new one over this latest act of toy and marketing stupidity, you can join in here at the AFB Forum, and don’t forget that you can enter the AFB Comment of the Month Contest for June by commenting on this post.

Blammoids! Argh!!!!


Vader said...

These concepts are not really that new. These are simply following the same business model as those used for trading figures and urban vinyl toys, which are both very popular in Asian countries. Cosbaby is no surprise since these are made by Hot Toys, a Hong Kong based company. Hong Kong is a mecca for trading figures. Blammoids - I have yet to see before I can comment. Not sure I like the prototypes so far. But these things can "grow" on you.

Tom Freak said...

I don't know where to start.
That Uniformz Batman looks kinda cool. Cosbabys is a line created for the girlfriend of the toy collector (if there's any). And Blammoids are created to give little children (and me) nightmares.

"Where's the head? Oh dear God! WHERE IS THE HEAD?!!"

That sort of stuff.

The thing is I didn't like Minimates either, so I guess I'm OK with it.

Ou Sooner 1997 said...

Hot shitty messes. That's all I have to say.

levere said...

I don't get all of the complaints people have saying that DC Direct won't continue the Cosbaby line. They aren't even made by DC Direct. They are merely a licensed product that DC Direct happens to be distributing. You might as well complain about DC Direct not continuing one of Mattel’s many lines.

I also think you're pretty far off comparing the Uni-formz figures to the Cosbaby line, Blammoids, Mini-mates or even Mighty Muggs. They are really apples and oranges. To start with, the Uni-formz figures are very large; 8 inches high, I believe, and are priced more in line with some 'Urban Vinyl' stuff with a SRP of around $60 a pop. That's definitely not going to go over well with the Mighty Muggs market and certainly not with the mini-figure market. Who is going to buy the Uni-formz? Vinyl collectors. People who buy Medicom's VCD figures.

Having said all that, I totally agree about the Blammoids. They definitely are going after the Mini-mate/Pocket Superheroes market and they are just hideous. If they survive past one or two waves, I will be extremely shocked to say the least.

Saranga said...

Those Blammoids suck. The minimates on the other hand are wonderful. But, sadly, difficult to get hold of in the UK. I've always had to order mine through ebay.

@ Freak Studios: "Cosbabys is a line created for the girlfriend of the toy collector"
Or, you know, the girlfriends could buy something they actually like...which doesn't have to be 'cute'.
Sorry, I find that quite a patronising comment. However I also find it quite conceivable that that is how DC think.

Tom Freak said...

@ Saranga
Sorry 'bout that, it was intended as a joke. Just wanted to add the "if there's any" remark at the end.

But getting serious for a second, that way of thinking is not only how DC probably works, but also how lots of people think after years of companies cute-storming the minds of girls and guys who buy the cosbaby-like lines just because they are cute.

I'm happy to know (in fact I know a couple personally) that there are girls out there that rather buy the DCUC figures before the mind-drilling cute lines "for girls".

fishmilkshake said...

Whenever crap like this is released I breathe a sigh of does my wallet.

JamesJesse said...

I actually think some of the Blammoids can look cool. I have colleagues who are into these little designer toys and they like them. Especially Sinestro and Firestorm.

That said though, my trepidation comes from DC Direct's track record. Even if I could get into these litle buggers, after minimates' unceremonious cancellation, I don't want to get invested into another line. At best, if they come up with Blammoid Flash and related figures I might go for those.

Saranga said...

@ Freak: Sorry I think I was a little grumpy last night. It did occur to me later that you were probably being sarcastic. Apologies for the snark.

And yus, I agree that lots of people do think like that. I see it a lot and am probably a tad hyper sesnsitive about it. The only thing worse that making things cute and therefore labelling it for girls, is deciding the only way to make a girl version of a product is to paint it pink..

Me, I prefer battle armour and giant swords to pink stuff (Hello ami-come Wonder Woman!)

Tom Freak said...

You have to love a girl who likes battle armour and giant swords...

Or else.

Saranga said...

Ha! Too right!

TOY GUY said...

UGH - terrible!!!!!

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