Friday, June 12, 2009

The Marvel Universe Expands

Picture 006After having enjoyed Wave One of Marvel Universe, Hasbro’s 3 3/4” line, I’ve been keen to add to the gang. I’ve scored a few Wolverine Origins figures, but Wave Two has taken a while to come my way.

Between Mike of Mike’s Comics N’ Stuff and eBay I’ve managed to piece the gang together – my Ms Marvels are still on the way, but here is everyone else.

Picture 009As well as the missing Ms Marvels (come on, Australia Post!!) Wave Two includes Thing, Classic Iron Man, Hobgoblin, Union Jack, Hand Ninja, Moon Knight, Black Spiderman and what appears to be a Punisher re-issue. I left the first Punisher on the shelves because he looked like doggy doo-doo. Not sure if this is a different figure but he looks a great deal better this time around. From the looks of the card backs this wave includes Red Hulk as well but I haven’t found him anywhere yet.

Picture 010While the Marvel Universe isn’t building as quickly as Mattel’s Infinite Heroes, these are some nice additions. Moon Knight is my standout favourite – his full length cape his dramatic and his accessories – a staff and a moon disc thingy are excellent. Union Jack is also a star – not sure why he’s gotten love in the 6” and 3 and 3/4” lines but he’s a face character of mine so I’m glad to see him here, and impressed that his holstered pistols are both removable and usable.

Black Spiderman and Classic Iron Man are obvious choices for the line and each has been done well here. Black Spidey has some blue-ish wash to him but works well. Classic Shellhead is actually a sensational figure and reminds me how much more I like the classic armour than all the new-fangled stuff. These both come with power blast or web-slinging accessories that don’t really work for me because I can’t get the things to balance and stay up – also they take up too much room in what is going to become a crowded display, so they go in storage. The Hand Ninja is also well done and comes with a good range of accessories – more than he can hold in fact.

Picture 015There is clearly a great deal of recycling happening in the line already, with three Hulks, The Thing using the same buck, and the Hobgoblin recycling the Green Goblin base. This sort of thing is to be expected in a new line, but I am looking forward to a greater diversity in the line sooner rather than later. The female characters have been slow to arrive and I’m looking forward to this balance being sorted soon as well.

It’s hard not to view these as being in competition with Infinite Heroes, when in fact the fact that we can get both universes at the same scale is a motivator for me. If you are comparing, I’d have to say that IH are way head in terms of character selection, while MU are killing in in terms of articulation and accessories – really, Mattel, would it kill

You can see a wider range of photos at Facebook, discuss this in the Marvel Universe thread at the AFB Forum, and don’t forget that by entering on this thread you can enter the June AFB Comment of the Month Contest !

Until next time!


googum said...

Gah. I was pretty resistant to these, but then I got Deadpool, the animated Nightcrawler, and a batch of DCIH, and now...Moon Knight especially looks great.

TOY GUY said...

That looks like a great collection already!

Can't wait for them to release other characters instead of the re-use and variants....

TOY GUY said...

I saw the red hulk on eBay and NEED him!

Westy said...

Got my wave 4's today (i9ncluding Rulk the repugnant). Waiting for Wave 3 to _all_ be released so BBTS can ship em for me. Sob I want my Ms Sluzzvels.

toy guy said...

an't wait for them to move into releasing other X-men in this line!

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