Saturday, April 04, 2009

I gots little Wolverines….. teeny weeny ones…….

Picture 002..and you know, they’re really not that bad.

Yep, I believe that with the advent of these tiny creatures we are witnessing the slow and painful death of the Marvel Legends 6” line. No, I do not like it. I’ll just get that out of the way first.

That being said, these little fellas are fun, because in some aspects they are quite good quality for their scale (and some not), and I get the sense that in a very short period of time I’m going to have a pretty awesome mini-Marvel Universe.

 Picture 007Never thinking these would arrive in Oz, I ordered the two Wolverines, Gambit and Deadpool from overseas, and then when they did show up here I picked up Logan and Sabretooth as well.

Nice touches: all three Wolvies have different headsculpts – even the two costumed ones are more than just repaints. Deadpool has a lot of gear and it all fits somewhere. Sabretooth’s cape is really quite groovy.

Annoying points: Gambit is on one level the best figure of the lot in terms of detail and character accuracy, but mine at least will not stand on his own or hold his set of bodgy cards. All the Wolvies come with a sword which is so not Logan to me. Apart from Sabretooth’s tree stumps, all the accessories are from Flimsy City. Wobble Land. I know it’s the 3 3/4 scale, but these swords and stuff don’t need to be quite so cheapo, do they?

Picture 009Also, unlike the Marvel Universe figures, not all of these have ankle articulation which makes them harder to pose. That earns an official AFB Frown.

Still, these are fun, and when put together with the Marvel Universe figures it gives a sense of where these lines could go and the scope of what we could have in a short time. If the 6” line really does get cut short, does it make up for it? No.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!


Unknown said...

To say the samurai sword isn't Logan is to ignore a lot of his history. It's been part of the character for a long time, even if you discount the more contemporary introduction of some crazy samurai sword that can magically kill Wolverine and that Wolverine used to kill Sabretooth.

Scott said...

Fair comment, except I said the sword isn't Logan "to me". I haven't followed his solo stories and his ultra-convoluted origins, so to me Logan is who we see in the X-Men, which is usually sans sword. I hear what you're saying and you're right in a general sense, I'm just talking about my own preference.

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