Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boys can Bust it out too!

Picture 002 After the lengthy and successful Women of the DC Universe Mini-Bust series, it’s nice to see DC Direct giving the guys some attention as well, through the new Heroes of the DC Universe Mini-Bust Series. We already know that Superman, Batman, Darkseid, Aquaman and Green Arrow are on the way, but the first cab off the rank is Green Lantern, and I was lucky enough to pick him up last week.

This mini-bust is based on Carlos Pacheo artwork and is a striking pose. This is a spotlessly done piece that to me looks more expensive than it really is – always a plus! The only criticism I would make is that the outstretched arm makes posing him a little  Picture 007limiting, but that’s a small thing. It’s nice to see something dynamic as opposed to just static.

As you can see from the Hal / Jade comparison shot, the GL bust is in scale with the Women of the DCU Busts, which makes sense but was not something I was going to assume when it comes to DCD’s track record in the scale area. Another plus for what looks to be a promising line.

While my main men Aquaman and Green Arrow were obvious Picture 006locks, I was on the fence about collecting this line, but decided to give Hal a chance, and on the basis of this excellent mini-bust I am now on board, although I probably skip Darkseid. I’m just hopeful that this line will explore the same depth that the Women of the DCU line has and go past the obvious to the B-list and hopefully beyond. Imagine Metamorpho or Elongated Man in this line – that would be happiness in a manly mini-bust kind of way!!

You can see the full picture set at Facebook or discuss this at the AFB Forum.

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