Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wild About The Boy

Picture 006As you know, due to my total lack of fine motor skills, as much as I would like to customise figures myself, I am stuck with commissioning the works of others. Thankfully I know some really talented people!

A while ago I made mention of a custom Bronze Age Wildfire that was was being made for me by the very kind Dr Terrific. I’m pleased to report that our favourite Legionnaire in a containment suit arrived in Oz this week, and I couldn’t be more excited or amazed with the results.

Picture 004The base is the Crisis Earth Two Superman, not that you’d ever guess unless you saw them side by side. The effort, time and craftsmanship the Doc has put in to this one is unbelievable, right down to his little but very detailed Legion Flight Ring, which is on the correct finger and everything.

In the same way that the amazing Jackknight has been working on finishing off my Silver Age Legion, Doc is going to be working on the Bronze Age. Next up is Dawnstar, and the WIP can be seen here at the AFB Forum. 


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