Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DC Infinite Heroes in Oz!

Picture 001The true tragedy of having such a drought of retail based superhero toys here in Oz is that when you see something, the chance to experience “the find” can cause you to buy stuff that you normally wouldn’t. Kind of like a dog licking up the crumbs under the table when their dinner dish doesn’t get filled.

And so it was, as I was racing the aisle of my local Toys R Us trying to tick items off the birthday list of the youngest AFB-ette, that I did a double, well triple-take as I spied some DC Infinite Heroes on the pegs. I’ve seen these imported in comic shops, but not at retail.

Picture 005And so it is, that after buying a few of these and swearing them off due to distribution, eBay costs and lack of articulation, I now own four more: Black Lightning, Spectre, Dr Fate and Green Arrow. I also now have a hankering for more. Curse you, Oz toy drought , creator of the hunger of the chase!!!

It’s very hard not to evaluate these tiny chappies against Marvel Universe, and in many respects they don’t come off well. These four I picked up are still the older articulation I believe, and they are very static - much more is needed to make them as dynamic looking as the MU figures. Having said that, in some cases the amount of articulation on such light plastic in MU can make the figures a bit unwieldy, whereas the DCIH Heroes are certainly firm on their feet.

Picture 008Other complaints: accessories are basically non -existent with this line, although Green Arrow does come with his bow. Paint wise these pale to the MU figures – my Dr Fate is particularly sloppy.Also, this line is certainly all about the Modern Age, and it’s a bit of shame to get MA Dr Fate, Atom and Spectre (not to mention ANOTHER MA Black Lightning!!) without their more classic counterparts – perhaps these will come eventually, but there have been some odd choices in the start-up of this line.

Regardless, I now have a big enough batch that I feel compelled to add to the gang, and particularly check out some female figures to see how they fare against the Marvel Universe Ms Marvel when I get my hands on her (in the collector’s sense, of course…)

I’m certainly not in with this line boots-and-all in the same manner as Marvel Universe, but this unexpected find has resurrected my interest somewhat, so I’d say you’ll be reading about some more DCIH purchases in the near future.

You can chat about this fabulous find at the DCIH thread at the AFB Forum.

Until next time!

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