Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wonder Twins Powers Activate!

n57309659843_1502933_7825710The announcement that Mattel would be making Wonder Twins Zan, Jayna and Gleek in the DCUC line was met with a mixture of joy and derision in the online collecting world. Superfriends fans were delighted, those that wanted DCUC to be comic characters only were not so happy. Superfriends was ultimately responsible for my love of comics, so while I won’t go so far as to say I was in the joy group, I’m definitely happy.

Mattel’s made it official today with the unveiling of their SDCC Exclusives, which include the Wonder Twins as the DCUC exclusive. It’s a great set, which also includes a pail of water with Zan’s face in it and Jayna in the form of an eagle, plus Gleek.

Go to Matty’s Facebook Photo Albums to see the rest, which include a JLU Green Lantern 3-pack including a civilian  Hal Jordan, Infinite Heroes Anti-Monitor and a MOTUC He-Ro!

Great news about the exclusives is that they are going to be available online after SDCC, except for Gleek. If you want the purple monkey, you have to get him in the SDCC pack, as the Wonder Twins set on will be primate-less. I’m actually happier for buy a set without him, but if this fills you with a sense of outrage, just search “Gleek”at your favourite engine to find hysterical fanboys shrieking about this everywhere.

“Form of, a big baby!”

Can’t wait for my Zan and Jayna!

You can discuss this at the AFB Forum!

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