Saturday, May 02, 2009

AFB’S 2009 Free Comic Book Day Haul

Picture 042I quite happily tell anyone who will listen that FCBD is one of my religious festivals, and usually manage to keep it as clear as possible, however today was a full one with a couple  of FCBD obstacles: morning netball games and an afternoon birthday party for the eldest AFB-ette. Thankfully I had huge support from my “crew”:

First off , Mrs AFB let me nick off from netball as soon as it was finished so I could do the rounds. This started with a very unsatisfactory visit to the city where the CBD Comic Shops “sale” consisted of a teeny, tiny little table of sale items, with everything else at their usual high prices. Blah. Small purchase only.

Secondly, to my LCS, Dee’s Books & Comics, where I knew that AFB Forum member Tyroc had already put aside Blackest Night for me to ensure I got it, and where there was the kind of great service and storewide sale  you expect on FCBD.

My spoils required a box for me to carry them away in and include as pictured (mostly from Dee’s a small handful from the non-sale): the DCD 1:6 Sinestro and GL Corps figures (much wanted but at sale prices), the DC Life & Death of Ferro Lad HC, JLA Showcase #3, the Hulk Vs. DVD, the next two volumes of Y; The Last Man in TPB, two Superman figures which were worth having on sale, and in some ways the most exciting of all, my copy of Barry Lyga’s “Wolverine: The Worst Day Ever”, which we’ll be talking more about shortly as Barry has granted AFB an interview on his work!

And finally, a huge FCBD hoorah to AFB Forum member dozymuppet, for taking a shopping list with him to his Sydney LCS sale, ringing me to confirm prices and organising shipping – an act of mateship above and beyond the call of duty that will not be soon forgotten! Looking forward to that parcel and subsequent review.

So this evening, we’re having a competition between who is most excited with their new toys: the birthday girl or Mr AFB – and I’m pretty sure I’m winning!

Here’s hoping your FCBD is equally successful!


Cheap Toys said...

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chrishaley said...

Great haul!
This was probably my lightest FCBD ever, but I still got a lot of great stuff. Glad to see I wasn't alone.
Luckily my LCS is great about great deals and extra giveaways on FCBD.

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