Thursday, May 28, 2009

Batman goes bust!

Picture 001 The latest mini-bust in the Heroes of the DC Universe line is Batman. Before buying the Green Lantern bust I wasn’t committed to this line – Aquaman was always a lock of course – but after being so pleased on the effort done with Hal I decided to give the upcoming busts a go.

Batman is not a disappointment. Bats is poised ready to sling a batarang which is strung with firm wire.  His cape is draped over his right shoulder and is well constructed. He’s poised above a grey gargoyle type thing which nicely juxtaposes the golden gargoyle the Women of the DCU Picture 003Batwoman mini-bust uses as her base.

Bats is posed with a typically grim expression (lines on the mouth could be cleaner) in a dynamic pose that matches the other busts made and coming in this line. I have commented that some of the Dodson wave of the Women of the DCU busts are a bit too much on the coquette-ish side for me, and it struck me that it seems a bit sexist that the guys get these dynamic poses with accessories like batarangs, tridents and bows and arrows, and Marvel Marvel (ahem, I mean Shazam! Mary – urgh) gets wind blown up her skirt. Maybe the cheesecake Picture 006works for some, but I prefer the statues like the Batwoman version that present our heroines in the same powerful, respectful manner.

As I said when I reviewed the Green Lantern bust, one manner in which I hope this line does mirror the Women of the DCU line is by giving the B list characters their moment in cold cast resin. I hope DCD sticks with the line long enough!

You can see a wider range of pics at my Heroes of the DCU Photo Album at Facebook or chat about this in the Heroes of the DCU discussion thread at the AFB Forum!



Tom Freak said...

Well, you could always make Green Arrow with wind blowing up the mini kilt thing he had back in the day of Super friends.
That would make it even for the girls.

In a personal note, I could never buy busts (prostitutes and breast implants jokes aside), because I always ended up screaming "Where are the legs?, my god, WHERE ARE THE LEGS?!!"

Anonymous said...

I heart my Bats mini bust.

I really have to get the GL one!

Toy Guy

behemoth said...

Thanks for the detailed review! You have helped me in my decision to purchase the Batman bust. Often it is hard to commit to buying without seeing the item beforehand. I agree with your comments re: posing of male and female characters, it annoys me too.

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