Thursday, May 07, 2009

Conquering my Nemesis

Picture 017Don’t me started on retailer exclusives. I know our friends Stateside loathe them, but for us abroad they are just a nightmare. Unless we can find a kind friend to grab one for us, we face either deprival or eBay scalpers. It’s a good test of collector self control. This I still don’t own most of DCUC 5, etc. etc.

When I am forced to eBay for this kind of thing, I set my price, set my snipe, and walk away. I miss out on alot of auctions, but sometimes get lucky.

And so it was, that after another Marvel Legends Nova and Tigra slipped through my snipe, I was most surprised to received a second chance offer at my price I was prepared to pay. The winner had become an unregistered bidder and the seller obviously didn’t realise he could have gotten much more for them. My gain!

Criticisms: Nova’s blue is too deep for me, and Tigra’s headsculpt is the typical blank ML female face instead of the something a bit more fierce which would have been fun. However, while these are by no means figures that reflect the heyday of Marvel Legends, they’re both great additions to the line and two of my Top 10 I really wanted to see done before the line gasps its’ last, which I suspect it has.

Now it’s just Black Bolt, Beast and 1st Appearance Daredevil to  go! I could care less about Nemesis so won’t be chasing Punisher to be sure.

Until next time!

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