Sunday, May 24, 2009

AFB’s Brisbane Haul

Picture 001Back from a work trip to Brisbane (Queensland for our overseas readers), and my oh my, how did I make out! Most of it is the fault of AFB Forum Member Toy Guy, who lured me to his LCS and tempted me with toys galore.

Just to give an overview: I got the Jim Aparo Batman B&W Statue for a great price, the Captain Britain mini-bust for an okay-ish price (but I thought I needed to help him out, with his title being cancelled and all….), a number of Legends and Select figures, the Jason Firestorm (which Toy Guy had pre-bought for me) and in a last minute excitement, the Batman: Brave & the Bold Blue Beetle with Bug!!!!

Some of these will get individual reviews, but for the moment you can see the picture array at Facebook .

Happy happy!



Tom Freak said...
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Tom Freak said...

Hey Andy, what's that Bane in the background?

Congrats on the Blue Beetle!

I thought you had a no vehicles rule... But you know what the say, the rules are there to break them.

Nice catch.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

ooooo that is some sweet swag...just got me that Beetle mobile and it is awesome.

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