Friday, May 15, 2009

The Happiest of Days for the Aquafan….. has the breaking news about some new statues coming out from DC Direct next year. The DC Dynamics Statue line has one statue in particular that is going to interest this Aqua-fan………

It’s great to see DCD doing some of the stuff that Bowen has been nailing out of the park for years for Marvel, and I know that the collectors of bigger statue are going to be eating these up. They look fabulous. Batman bursting out of a slew of bats is pretty amazing….

The US $195 price tag (*gasp* *choke*!) means that I will certainly not be collecting this as a line, but I’m already working out which organ I can live without and hoping that the Aquaman statue is released around either Christmas, Father’s Day or my birthday, because it is SO going to be mine!

Many thanks to AFB Forum member Faithful Butler (FB) for the heads up! Between the upcoming Heroes of the DCU Aquaman Mini-bust I’m doing quite well out of DC in the Aquaman department. Now if we could just get that 6” Aquaman wave that’s been begging to be done for years underway……

You can discuss the new DC Dynamics line at this thread at the AFB Forum.

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