Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Steps Step Closer to DCUC 5!

Picture 013Collecting shouldn’t be this hard.

I could own all of DCUC Wave 5 by now if I was prepared to pay ridiculous eBay prices and shipping, and sell a kidney from each member of my family. And donate my body to science.

Since I’m not prepared to do that, and because  I am good boy and set my snipe limits and walk away from eBay, it’s taking me a loooooong time to get this rassin’ frassin’ retailer exclusive wave. All made worse that a friend found me a Riddler ages ago and it went missing in the post. Grrr.

Happiness then, when searching for something else, to find someone selling Riddler and Amazo who obviously didn’t know the going rate and had them as cheap Buy it Now items. Happiness even more, that they actually arrived in the post!

I’ll save the Wave review until I finally have Atom and Eradicator (Black Lightning was my only one to this point) but I had to give a progress report. After my eBay success with Nova and Tigra I’m on a roll!

Until next time!

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