Sunday, May 31, 2009

DCUC Wave 8: Too Much!

Picture 017 I got my DCUC Wave 8 Master Case from CSC at the start of the week, but the combination of a busy week and the inability to decide which figure was my favourite delayed my review until the weekend.

After taking the figures out the box, looking them over carefully, and letting them sit for awhile, I’ve decided that my favourite figure is definitely Hawkgirl. No, the Yellow Fate. No, Mr Terrific. No, Vigilante. No….

Picture 024Bottom line is, this is the most amazing wave of figures I have ever seen. I fully admit I started off as a DCUC doubter, unsure of where the line would go, how committed Mattel would be to delving deeply into the DCU, etc., and while my belief when hit even greater heights when the first Doom Patrol member or Legionnaire appears, when I hold an Adrian Chase Vigilante in my hands I really believe Mattel when they say no one in the DCU is off limits.

Mr Terrific is an outstanding piece that captures the character well. The structure used to suspend his T-Spheres is excellePicture 022nt. I’m ordering another of these so that I can take that horrific DCD Total-Justice style Mr T and either melt it down or give it to the Salvation Army or something.

Commander Steel and Vigilante are both just faultless. Each one became my favourite as soon as I unpacked them. The metallic look for Steel works well Vigilante just looks like he leapt off the page – perfect. I’m getting an extra of each of these – Steel for the MA JSA shelf and Vigilante for the Teen Titans shelf.

Gentleman Ghost was certainly one of the most exciting and surprising additions to the line, and while I’m delighted to have him on my shelves, the colour effects used to make him look translucent at the bottom don’t quite work for me – I get the idea but I personally would have preferred him all white. The effect used to structure his collar, glasses and hat is amazing and makes him a winner overall.

Picture 019I would have preferred to see Granny Goodness or Desaad in place of the Parademons if we needed  another New Gods character, but these turned out to be much more fun than I was expecting and I’m glad to have them.

I reviewed Hawkgirl and the MA Dr Fate when I got them from MikeS, so all I’ll say here is that sadly the MA Fate is the stinker of the wave and perhaps the stinker of the whole line. Many of my online compatriots were campaigning for this figure to be all gold, and it should have been. The yellow / gold combo is a downright mess. The all-yellow version, on the other hand, is a really impressive figure and works brilliantly. The only criticism I have of both figures is that the eye slits are black instead of white, but that’s being picky.

Picture 018Giganta is the tallest DCUC C&C – and it’s great to see the line treading into the territory of the Marvel Legends BAF glory days. I had a bit of trouble snapping her legs in properly, but we got the re, and she’s impressive. The pack-in mini-Atom is a nice bonus. I would have said he should have come with the Wave 5 item, except I still can’t find the bugger for a reasonable price, so at least I have him.

Again, this wave is by far the best DCUC wave to date, but also I’d have to say one of the best waves of toys I’ve ever seen. So many different things to enjoy, such variety, and perfect paints apps to boot. Not quite sure what’s coming up that could top this for quite awhile!

You can look at the full range of pictures at Facebook and discuss DCUC Wave 8 at the AFB Forum.


bigraj said...

Nice writeup and pics, man. Glad you're enjoying this amazing wave.

Tom Freak said...

Outstanding. I need (and by "need" I mean desperately want) the yellow Fate for my new display.

(I'm forming a complete - I wish - JLI and JLE using the DCD JLI and older DCD and DCUC figures, I have the job half done already).

But now that I see it I'm really considering that Gentleman Ghost... He looks impressive.

Nice post

len Yokoyama said...

Hey Scott,
Did you still need an extra Steel and Mr. Terrific? I might have an extra and MINT!

Your pal in Hawaii'

memecomplex said...

Did Mattel improve the plastic quality of this wave? The latest waves I got were rubbery as opposed to the nice hard plastic used in the first 2 waves. Cheers!

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