Sunday, May 24, 2009

The AFB Comment of the Month Contest is Coming!

AFB_small_logo_02That’s right, folks! Giving in to the intense peer pressure of several other excellent blogs, AFB is taking up the super original idea of a Comment of the Month Contest! Good news, yes – the great news is the AFB contest is being co-sponsored by the amazing Mike of Mike’s Comics N’ Stuff!

It’s simple – starting in June 2009, one commenter each month (sensible comments only – no one-liners or sillies) will be randomly selected to win a choice of one of two items on offer from Mike’s online store. I’ll be announcing the two available figures for June and some more technical rule-ish stuff on June 1.

MikesFor the moment, many thanks to Mike for helping us out. To get ready for June, you can do two things – get bust commenting, and have a look at Mike’s amazing shop to make sure he gets some business out of doing us a good turn!

To help us organise our prize selections, have a go at the poll at the right – let us know which lines you’d most like to receive a prize from!

More details to come soon!


Tom Freak said...

I think is incredibly cool from both of you, I even voted in the poll. But since in order to get to me the figure would be involved in thing like shipping or customs, I probably should withdraw myself from the competition.

And just keep commenting because I like to.

By the way, you never answer my question about Bane, Andy.


Scott said...

Prizes are available to anyone who can receive post - the shipping's on me - so don't hesitate to put your comments in!

As for Bane, that is the DCSH version.

Tom Freak said...

That's great to hear. Now I'm extra glad I voted in the poll.

tOY GUY said...

OOOOH! I can't wait to see the outcome....

MikeS - are you on facebook?

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