Friday, May 15, 2009

AFB’s FCBD Haul Part Two

Picture 011When I displayed my greedy haul from Free Comic Book Day I also mentioned that faithful AFB Forum Member dozymuppet was also my man on the ground at the Sydney sales, keeping an eye out for some mini-busts he knew would be on sale. I’ve been trying to collect the whole range of Alpha Flight mini-busts, and through a few phone calls on FCBD,  dozy managed to help me out with Sasquatch and Puck. The AFB Network certainly came through for me big time on that day!

Picture 006Here they are in all their glory, along with all the the Alpha Flight busts I have to date: Snowbird, Marrina, Northstar and Aurora. They make an amazing bunch, don’t they? Now I just need to tick Vindicator, Shaman and Guardian (I know, good luck on that one…) off my list to have the collection complete.

There are some expanded photos at Facebook along with individual shots of the earlier busts.

If you want to revel in my glory you can discuss this at the existing FCBD haul thread at the AFB Forum!

Thanks again, dozy!

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