Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet Marilyn Marvel!

Picture 008 While I tend to focus on figures, I actually enjoy collecting mini-busts and the occasional statue, and I keep meaning to show them off here – soon, I promise. What I will start doing is trying to do a better job of reviewing them as they come in.

I hadn’t planned on buying the DCD Women of the DC Universe Mary Marvel mini-bust because of the Marilyn Monroe style pose and cheesecake-y style that plagues some of the Series Two busts in this line, but when I saw it in person it appealed to me more than I expected, and my LCS kindly ordered it in for me.

Note the box is labelled “Shazam! Mary”, not Mary Marvel – not sure what all the avoiding calling the Marvel Family the “Marvel” Family is all about, but it’s annoying.

Picture 009As for the bust, it features a fun clear lightning yellow base, and the feature that nearly put me off – Mary holding down her dress Marilyn-style. Off key for what I’d like to see for this lovely heroine and a sad reminder of the dreadful mess that’s been made of the character in recent times. The flowing hair and cape are nice touches, but the closed eyes add to that Kewpie-Doll style cuteness that a few of the Dodson sculpts have an element of.

I must remind myself this could be much worse of course – this could be the freaky pink hair version!

This line must be applauded for the depth of character selection – we have Phantom Lady and Mera coming up this  year, for heavens’ sake – and obviously this piece ended up being something I felt shelf-worthy, but I’d probably rank it on the bottom of the pile of Series Two of this line overall. I’ll have to get the whole gang out (yes, I own them all…..) for a photo-study soon so you can judge for yourself!

In the meantime, enjoy, and remember that the politically correct term is “Shazam!”, not “Marvel”, Sheesh!

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Saranga said...

Ooh do put up pics of the busts and statues..i have been very tempted by some of them but sadly they are usually well out of my price range.
so I'll just admire other people's collections!

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