Monday, July 27, 2009

AFB’S SDCC Snippets: #1

I’m snowed under with real life things at the moment, so rather than trying to round out my SDCC Reactions into one giant post, I’m just going to point out one or two random things in a series of smaller posts that I liked, loved or loathed from this year’s SDCC. Makes the task more manageable for me, and keeps the posts flowing so that you get plenty of chances to comment and possibly win the July Comment Contest before the month is out!

Snippet #1: Mattel DC Universe Classics

_MG_9367I liked: DCUC Waves 10 and 11. Mattel paid a bit for being so generous with spoilers, leaks and information leading up to the con with the loss of the “Holy Cow!” factor from the reveals of these two waves, since we essentially knew the line-ups already. That left some feeling underwhelmed by Mattel’s DCUC offerings this year, but the figures from Waves 10 and 11 deserve to be looked at on their own merits, and these are two solid waves, if not the most exciting line-ups to date. Wave 10 being a Wal-Mart exclusive knocks it down a few points of course, but new characters to 6” like Robotman and Forager are a must, and Joker, if it ends up being like the prototype, may just be the best 6” representation of the character to date. Wave 11 is a solid if slightly underwhelming line-up. Great to see Katma Tui 6” for the first time, but the lack of continuation of the JSA or Doom Patrol threads and the remaining absence of the Legion, Freedom Fighters, Metal Men etc. is somewhat of a concern if we are to get complete or even complete-ish teams. Great to see so many New Gods, but hopefully this thread ends soon so that others can be picked up. Still, I look forward to  Wave 11 and have to start thinking now about how I’m going to track down the Wave 10 figures I want from the other _MG_9369side of the pond.

I loved: The DCUC “Animal Instinct” 2-pack. Animal Man? Great! B’wana Beast?? Flipping awesome! This is the kind of stuff that Mattel should be pumping out – the best 2-pack so far by a mile! The great thing about B’wana Beast is that not only do we get such an obscure character in 6”, but it also opens the way for similarly garbed characters like Kamandi, Classic Warlord, etc. Did the Legion ever have a Loincloth Lad? Make him too! It’s all good!

_MG_9381I loathed: DCUC Public Enemies Target Exclusive Line. Public Enemies couldn’t be a more spot-on name for this line. Perhaps we could add a subtitle: “Public Enemies: Collector’s Nemesis Wave One”. I can imagine that Mattel may have been pulled in a couple of directions here, in terms of having to link to the PE DVD release and paying the Target piper for their own exclusive, but the decision to give an animated look to the headsculpts of these figures so that they can’t blend in with existing DCUC is just infuriating, especially when we are seeing Silver Banshee, The Icicle (or something that is called The Icicle but looks more like a bizarre bird man to me) and Major Force for the first time in 6”, not to mention a Brimstone C&C, all in cartoonish form, is infuriating to the collector. I’ve read a great suggestion from a collector that Mattel include a comic-styled extra head for these figures, and that would be a nice bone to throw to us. I can imagine that many collectors, me included, would have worn the cost of another Superman, Batman and Black Lightning for a Brimstone done well. but as it is he’s very disappointing. Seriously, the only thing I want from the pic above is the giant chin in the upper left hand corner. As for the rest, rethink and retool before production Mattel!

Okay, that’s ended up being more than a snippet, but DCUC is a big deal in this collector’s world so lots to say on the topic. Now you see why I couldn’t do my round-up all in one post!

Look for some snappier snippets in the days to come. Many thanks to TNI for today’s pics. Also, don’t forget we’re in the final days of July, which means only a few more chances to comment on July posts for your chance to win the July AFB Comment of the Month Contest!

Until next time!


Tom Freak said...

I think the "beak" on Icicle is actually a nose... Unless he sold his soul to Neron (like Killer Moth) to become some kind of freaky Ice Bird... Hey! I could write plots for DC.

Already in my want list: Robot Man, Beast Boy, Katma Tui, Kilowog, Deadman, Question.

fishmilkshake said...

Maybe it's not 'Icicle'? Maybe it's 'Bizarre Birdman' a new character they'll unveil in the movie?

TOY GUY said...

DCUC Public Enemies - I was wondering why those figures looked fugly weird.

I agree with your sentiments on this one. REDO Mattel.

They look like they would fit in with the JLU lines if they were 3.45" tall.

Outburst said...

I don't mind Brimstone, although I wish he was bigger. And do I want to buy all those figures to get him? Probably not.

DCcomicsfan said...

That Question looks nice. I hope they make Huntress too.

bigraj said...

I want all of the DCUC main line stuff. Don't care for the faces on the Public Enemies figures.

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