Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AFB Asks Matty for August 15 2011!

AFB is very excited to have joined Mattel’s “Ask Matty” program. We now have our first set of answers! These questions cover DCUC, JLU, WWE, Voltron and some Digital River issues. Read on and enjoy!

Q:    As the single figures from the Club Infinite Earths subscription won't include a Connect and Collect piece, will there be scope to include an increased range of accessories in order to justify the cost of the individual toys?

A: When a figure calls for it, accessories will be added. One of the reasons for the higher cost of figures online is due to the much lower production run. But it is still our best way of getting more obscure collector friendly figures out to hard core fans!

Q: Some international Mattycollector shoppers have been disappointed by the use of the new padded mailer bags for shipping MOTUC toys. These bags don't hold up to international shipping and items have arrived dented and creased. Is there any plan to review the use of the padded mailer bags?

A: This was a test run and we actually stopped using these bags due to customer disinterest.

Q: The new Club Lion subscription is exciting, but $15 for the 3 3/4" pilot figures seems a bit steep. What's the rationale behind this pricing?

A: Low production runs result in higher prices. When we do a small production run (matching the subscription number plus a small extra amount for day of sales) we are charged a high premium by our vendor. This cost is then passed along to the customer. Most items offered on are well below Mattel’s company min order quota (MOQ) which is why they cost more to produce and therefore more to buy. But it is still the best option for getting collector requested figure to market.  

Q: The JLU 7 pack that was announced in SDCC looks awesome, yet, we were told that this seven pack will complete all members of the Justice League. Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt and Dr. Mid-Nite are all great figures, but these characters are more related to the JSA than the JLA. Figures like Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Guy Gardner were not shown Since these two core characters were missing and we were promised a complete Justice League by the end of the line, are we going to ever be able to finish the JLA members (and more specifically JLI)?

A: The JLU pack is intended to finish off the “in show” members of the JLU, not the comic book version of the teams. (and it does just that!)

Q: WWE - Are there plans to release accessories, like a steel cage, for the Elite Scale Ring as a Matty Collector exclusive?  I'm sure there are enough owners of the ESR to justify a small production run.  And yes, the people who constantly ask for stuff like this know we'd be paying a premium for it.

A: This is indeed something we are always looking into but nothing to announce quite yet. We know there is a lot of fan demand!

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Action Ranger Timmy said...

Wow, pretty cool.

ryanlb said...

'due to customer disinterest' sounds like a cute way to say, 'because international customers screamed at us for being so foolish and cheap'.

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