Thursday, May 24, 2012

The AFB Q&A Episode 2: Justin!

It's time for another one-on-one conversation with one of the AFB Podcast Hosts, and this time around it's the turn of our friend Justin!

You'll learn exactly how Justin became the collector he is today, hear about his main toy collecting interests and wishlists, and gain some other fun insights along the way!

You can download Episode 2 of the AFB Q&A - an interview with Justin "NiteOwl" Ayshord, direct from our site now. For iTunes subscribers, the show should be available shortly!

We look forward to your feedback on these special episodes!

Until next time!


Andy said...

Good podcast! Justin, I hear you on your holes in the JLU. Only last year did I finally acquire Volcana as a 3 pack off of ebay for at least 3 figures. She never showed up @ retail and I made a plea to Mattel years ago a NYCC for a rerelease which they agreed, but never got to. As for Hal, my solution was a custom Hal head based on the official holiday sculpt which I put on one of the bodies from the 2010 SDCC 3 pack. Minimum amt. of money for great results!

fishmilkshake said...

Great stuff. Loved the story about the free trip to the US!

NiteOwl said...

Thanks for the comments guys. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope the podacsts continue for a while yet.

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