Monday, June 01, 2009

I blame Jim Aparo…..

Picture 019…..for making me buy an item from a line I said I’d never touch.

I’ve said on record a couple of times I don’t really “get” the Batman Black & White statue line. I’m a colour person I guess, and while I respect his place in comicdom, Bats isn’t in my personal top 10 favourite characters.

I do, however, have a soft spot for Jim Aparo (courPicture 022tesy of Batman and the Outsiders amongst other things…) and so when I made my recent trip to Brisbane and saw the DC Direct Batman B&W Aparo Statue on serious sale I couldn’t resist. Actually, I did resist the first time, but after having spent the day being taunted by texts from AFB Forum member Toy Guy (with whom I’d visited the shop the first time), I had to go back for it, and he was right, because I would have kicked myself for passing it up at that price.

This is simply a beautiful piece of work. The dramatic lines in the flow of the cape, the stance, the truly Aparo lines and expression all make me extremely glad he’s mine. My only criticism is that Bats is hunched  over just a little too much, so his face is hard to see at some angles. It’s a small quibble though. This piece is amazing.

Picture 023So the up and up is that while I can’t think of another Bats version I’d buy in this line (I’m sure some exception will come along….), I’m extremely glad to own this one. Guess I’d better lay off Toy Guy for hassling me after all!

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Until next time!


Tom Freak said...

I get what you say, I wouldn't buy the complete series either... But nothing will stop to buy the one by Bruce Timm (if I ever find it here)

Saranga said...

Really nice display you got there, it's laid out ina veyr appealing manner. I'm quite impressed by the Huntress and Catwoman pieces, especially Helena's expression. She should look like she's having fun more often :D

Highskull´76 said...

Jim Aparo? Batman & the Outsiders? Nuff said! No doubt you did the damn right thing picking this one.


Westy said...

I think this was one of the DC Series I was considering getting the full line of. There are some very nice Batmen in that lineup after all. The Neal Adams one especially.

Toy Guy said...

What can I say - It was a great buy! And the company on that shopping trip was even better.

I like your 13" figures too... very nice.

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