Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the blink of an eye…….

P4018_AlexUltraman_fullsizeimage05….they were gone. I was watching the DCUC Alexander Luthor and Uglyman, sorry Ultraman 2-pack to  order mine, not particularly worried about missing out since reaction to the Uglyman sculpt has been so lukewarm. I checked the website before I went to work and they were yet to go on sale, and about an hour later when I had time to check at work, they were listed as unavailable and people were complaining on Facebook about how quickly they (and Hordak) had sold out.

Now, if this is a sign that DCUC is doing well and ensures we’re going to see more 2-packs online, great, and apparently there’s another lot coming so a second chance is on the horizon, but I think it’s time to take issue with the 10 per customer limit on these items. Clearly this is opening the product up for scalpers - go on eBay and see how much Hordak is going to cost you now, and check for various spellings of “Luthor” to find the two-pack as well – the guy currently has five available at a 50% profit margin. Ugh.

Wake up and smell the java Mattel – the limit of 10 is too high – make it something reasonable like three so that more of us average collectors have a chance of actually getting the product. You’re already making one out of every five waves of the DCUC line almost unattainable for most of us by surrendering them to Wally World, don’t make it worse by surrendering your online product to scalpers as well.

That’s AFB’s rant for the week!

Until next time!


outburst said...

I kind of hope that the scalpers will stuck with them. I saw a single DCUC5 figure for about $100 on eBay recently and I thought, who would buy it at that price?
This two-set doesn't interest me because they don't even fit into the universe I collect in, unless you count some crossovers.
Ultraman looks like he'd make a great base for a customizer but otherwise I'm not interested.
The sell-out also surprises me because Mattel had basically told us that the 2-packs proposed to specialty shops (Brainiac and Supes, golden age hawkman, etc.) had a lukewarm response.
So hopefully the scalpers will get stuck with a bunch of product they can't sell. I'd enjoy that.

Rod Keith said...

I was working and missed out too. :(. But I'm going to try to be patient and wait for the next shipment.

I imagine their first shipment was kept pretty small to build up some genuine demand for the second, since the reaction online wasn't all that excited, originally. And if that sells out, maybe they'll go back to make more, like the Strange/Starfire pack.

Highskull´76 said...

Although I´m not interested in that 2-pack, I agree with Outburst; hope the scalpers will eat all their goods garnished with potatoes.


TOY GUY said...

But is it sold out? It didn't say sold out like Hordak did .... I'm wondering if there is something else going on with this set .... I would like to get them (even thought that Luthor reminds me of the the Winged men from the old Flash Gordon serial) ...


chrishaley said...

I think Rod Keith hit the nail on the head.
I also completely agree that 10 per customer is WAY too many.

fishmilkshake said...

So go and set the limit to 100 per person, then ask for pre-payment so they can gauge how many they need to make to meet demand? I think the clowns at Mattel live on Earth-M where customers are a jovial bunch and don't mind being burnt repeatedly!

Toy Guy said...

Burnt/ More like scalded and blisterd!

I'm still waiting to get the DCUC Atom, Black Lightning, Eradicator, Riddler wave!!!!

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