Friday, June 19, 2009

JLU Legion – 3/4 Worth the Wait

Picture 005The old saying of the watched pot never boils is most certainly the case in terms of my JLU Legion of Superheroes figures. My previous orders from have all arrived in a flash, so it’s only natural that one of my most anticipated purchases in a long time got on the slooow boat.

Being the Legion fan-atic that I am, I did something I haven’t done in a long time, which is buy two of these to keep one in the box. I also wanted to support the line as it’s been made clear that this first set needs to sell well if we want to see any more Legionnaires in the JLU.

Picture 006These figures are, as the header reads,  3/4 worth the long wait. In a nutshell, the guys are fantastic and Saturn Girl is a little bit craptastic. More on her later.

I’ve read a bit of negative comment about a “less interesting” character like Brainiac 5 being included in the line, but he did have the main Legion role in the “Far From Home” episode, and he is captured perfectly here in the way he appeared in that episode. It’s just a shame that the teeny tiny JLU Supergirl doesn’t really go with him scale wise.

The three Legion founders are obvious choices for the rest of the wave, and Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy are both extremely well done. Whether or not JLU figures will stand on their own is always a precarious  proposition, but these two gents are firmly planted and easily balanced. Brainy does have a slight tilt to him. Must be all those extra brains, or it could be the frequently experienced JLU bendy-leg syndrome. Paint applications on all three gents are perfect.

Picture 007JLU females are always a gamble, and Saturn Girl hasn’t fared well I’m a-feared. For starters, the one I unpacked has a black mark on the back of her head from the packaging, and then she has a face that looks like something heavy fell on it, but that’s not packaging, that’s design or manufacturing. I’m not a fan of the female JLU splayed-leg base that can’t stand up on its own, but at least Mattel wised up and provides a base with them now. Still, Imra is sadly the dud of the wave.

Still, it’s exciting to hold any piece of the Legion world in plastic, and I really do hope these sell well enough to see some more Legionnaires somewhere down the line – they are still available at so you could help out the cause by buying your set today!

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Until next time!


Tom Freak said...

If everything goes according to plan I'll be getting mine tomorrow. Sure, plans usually fail and shipments are often delayed, but I'm really hoping that doesn't happen in this case.

I really want some new JLU, last one I got was on march!

Saranga said...

Hmm. The lady figure certainly seems to have less character in her face. Hmm.

Toy Guy said...

Looking good - lets home we see more Legion figures like Phantom Lady, Wildstar, Triplicate Girl and everyone else!

Toy Guy said...

I noticed Braniac has the bendy leg issue ... But he seems to be standing well enough.

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