Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The AFB Podcast Episode 12: Enterbay Leon / Movie Tie-In Toys

Episode TWELVE of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

Join Justin, Scott and Ben from the AFB Forum for Episode Twelve of the Action Figure Blues Podcast! The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and popculture.

Episode Twelve includes our Toy of the Week Feature on the Enterbay Leon (The Professional) 12: Figure and our Discussion Topic is “Movie Tie In Toys".

If you can't use iTunes, you can download Episode Twelve here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly!

Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

Happy listening!


Unknown said...

Plan on listening this weekend should be a great show as always.

Rod/Marv-El said...

Hey guys--

Great show. I greatly enjoyed the Avengers post mortem. I haven't had a chance to talk to a larger group in person, so hearing your comments was much fun. Your look at favorite Avengers items in your collection was also cool, although Scott, saying She-Hulk is an outstanding piece--not very chivalrous.

For next time, my only experience with figure photography was less than perfect, highlighting my pitiful photog skills more than usual. I'll listen and try to learn. Thought for future topic: do your listeners build dioramas/environments, and if so, how? Are they supposed to be representational or just abstract cool? New, repurposed, or found elements? Just thinking out loud. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

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