Wednesday, November 05, 2008

DCUC Announces THE Wave

Wave 8 is it, folks. For me, it's "The One". Not because it contains any of my favourite characters - it doesn't. Not because it delivers any of my personal "Holy Grails" - it doesn't.

For me, DCUC Wave 8 is solid proof that the sky is the limit as far as this line goes. I know, alot of people have been saying this for ages, but I've been waiting for something out of the ordinary to really convince me, and this wave is undoubtedly it.

Gentleman Ghost is amazing, that Hawkgirl is a thing of beauty, Commander Steel is great as are the Parademons, however it's the Adrian Chase Vigilante that really sells me on the idea that no character should be ruled out of this line. As a classic New Teen Titans fan Vigilante means something to me, but he's a big stretch in the Modern Age toy world. His presence, along with the lack of a Superbat character in this wave, have me sold.

I love Wave 8 so much I'm willing to set aside the absence of a Legionnaire and the poor ratio of female characters to call this the best DC toy line ever, and it's only so young. How DC Direct could be pipped at the post on this many first-time characters is just mind-blowing.

What do you think? Check out the new poll on the right to have your say.

For me, this rocks. One of each please!

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Joe Dy said...

A-MEN brother. (hmm wouldn't that be curious as a religious mutant group? The Unshakable A-Men!)

Anyway, I totally agree. EVERY SINGLE figure on this wave is a must have. Gentleman Ghost is just AWESOME and MIND NUMBING.

Commander Steel! Mr. Terrific! Dr. Fate! The JSA is WELL REPRESENTED! I only hope they don't make either of the Doc Fates Chase figures! (Shudder)

Vigilante! Wow! Hawkgirl! Perfect! And GIGANTA!

I want 5 of each Parademon!

Have you seen the leaked list of potential future characters as well? (afi has them)

Black Adam, Green Arrow, Deadshot, Black Canary, Guardian, Forager, Katma Tui, John Stewart, The Shark, Steppenwolf, The Question, Deadman, Mantis and Wildcat! I'm already curious as to who the C&Cs are!

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