Thursday, January 01, 2009

A fun way to spend New Years’ Day

Picture 005If you’ve been following my Twitter tweets ( you’ll know that I’ve been spending the day packing up my action figure collection (the portion that is on display) in order to prepare to paint the room they live in. Under the terms of the AFB marital agreement as defined by my Domestic Coordinator, my geek gear is strictly limited to one room of the house, the study / spare room / IT Hub / action figure room, and that room has been nominated by the DC for painting these school holidays. as  our “test run” to see if we paint the rest of the place or get someone in.

Picture 002The upshot is that once this is done, I’m getting rid of the shelves the gang have been hanging out on and getting a full-on display case from IKEA. This has been decided by the DC, who thinks that something with doors will make it easier for her to pretend that the geek gear does not exist. (Don’t get me wrong, Mrs AFB is basically very supportive of my hobby / habit. It just works better if she doesn’t have to look at it.) I’m in two minds about whether or not the doors are going to obscure the figures too much (they’ll be clear glass with very small edging) but I think the DC is going to win on that one.

Picture 007 So, just for the record and posterity and nostalgia and all that, here are some pix of my display as it was from 2005 – 2008, and then a sad photo of their current sad state, which should hopefully only be for a month or so. I only have my DC Direct and DC customs on display at present. 1:6 Scale figures are still in boxes due to dust,etc etc. The new display system (which will run the full length of one wall and around the corner of the next) should allow me to display them loose and also find space for DCUC, JLU, Infinite Heroes (if I keep up with them) Marvel Legends, Star Trek, BSG, etc.

Something to look forward to I guess – after the shelf removal, patching of holes, preparing to paint, painting….



Anonymous said...

Well, since we moved in over a year ago, ALL of my collection has remained in boxes. Once we've completed most of the rest of the house, then we'll drywall my studio and paint and build a custom display system all for my toys. Not everything will be out at once, but Derek gets no say on how the room's laid out. :D So, we're building shelves with lights and everything.

Shaun said...

i like how the 13" figs are displayed. Nice work.

Lawrence "Lars" Snelly said...

Hey, your custom is ready. Drop me a line. I can't find your address.


Lawrence "Lars" Snelly said...

Judomaster came out great. Check my blog for pics.

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