Friday, January 16, 2009

Strange and Starfire are headed to Oz

adamstrange-starfire_fullsizeimage6After doing a bit of time zone calculating, I worked out that if I logged on to when I woke up on Friday morning here in Oz I’d be just in time to get in on the DCUC Adam Strange and Starfire 2-pack which is now up for pre-order.

This is the third order I’ve made from mattycollector, (Giganta last year and some stands last week) and I’ve had no hassles despite reports I’ve read elsewhere. Best of all is they offer first class international shipping which means a much cheaper shipping cost than most other sites, as long as you’re willing to take the risk of uninsured post, but when there’s a $40.00 difference in price, I’m risking it in this case.

Really looking forward to getting this set, mostly for Strange – I was sorry to see that Starfire in the pack still seems to have the uni-boob thing happening – I had hoped this would have been sorted out when so many people commented on it from the solicit pics.

Nonetheless, I’m hoping this is the start of great things to come from Mattel via their website. If only they’d make their regular product available as well!

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Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of Starfire but Adam Strange looks solid. Wouldn't be surprised if they made him available separately in a future wave. From what I've heard its best to order product from Mattel's site right when it goes on sale. There was a debacle with the Masters of the Universe He-Man and Beast Man figures that went on sale. They suddenly we're "discontinued", but not really sold out. The inquiring minds at Mattel thought it was in their best interest to "hold back" stock to sell at the New York Comic Con in February 2009. Granted these figures went on sale close to a month before Christmas in the United States so its no surprised it sold out but for Mattel to intentionally hold back stock and not fill all orders is ridiculous. The distribution and QC process for the both of the company's action figure lines is horrendous. If anything I hope Warner Bros. considers another company to work with for future DCUC figures. Not Hasbro but there are alternatives.

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