Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Together forever - in plastic

Picture 007Their love story on the TV show may have come to a tragic end, but at least Lee Adama and Anastasia Dualla can remain together in plastic, thanks to this Battlestar Galactica 2-pack from DST.

I’m sold on this line of figures because I love the series, but I’ve never been sold on the headsculpts in terms of resemblance to the characters – I think they’ve nailed Helo and maybe Tyrol but not come near many of the others, although I have to say that from the solicits for Series 4 that Roslin and the Old Man look pretty good. The Apollo headsculpt, however, is off the mark for me, although it seems to work better than the last version (if it is in fact different..) and sadly the Dualla headsculpt looks alot more like “generic African American woman” than the lovely Kandyse McClure.

Picture 008It’s a shame the faces don’t quite hit the mark, because the bodies on this line of figures are very solid. The detail on    the uniforms is brilliant and they pose well and stand easily.

One of the most outstanding features of figures from DST is the wide range of character-specific accessories that come with each figure, and this two-pack has a great range, including Dualla’s headset (not that I’ve worked out how to attach it) and Apollo’s grandfather’s law book which plays an important part in one episode. There’s also a bunch of officialish-looking Galactica documents and folders and a pair of boxing gloves for Apollo.

Picture 009These two make impressive additions to the BSG collection, and I’m looking forward to the Boomer / D’Anna 2-pack, Series 4 and the recently announced Starbuck & Leoben 2-pack to add to it further. Not planning on getting the Razor series at this stage – blasted budgets and the like!

I’m trusting there’s going to be a Series 5, since the collection isn’t going to be complete without Tigh and Baltar at least…. and I might suggest Gaeta and Tori?

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